Chase Peck: One Play at a Time

Chase Peck is a baller from the small town of Bellville, with some tough decisions ahead of him

Chase Peck is a baller from the small town of Bellville, with some tough decisions ahead of him

The first time you would hear about Chase Peck, you’d imagine a young basketball prospect with long hair and a frame that hadn’t filled out yet. He was in a class of his own like the rest of the world was in slow motion. And he dunks. No one dunks in the small town of Belleville.

When you meet him now, he is completely different. Inches taller, a little bit more built and when asked about his hair he says “I like to grow it out,” very casually. Anyone can tell Chase Peck has a very relaxed nature but on the hard wood, it’s a different a story.

The 6’4 wing comes from the County, just over the bridge which is a small suburb just outside of Belleville. He comes from humble beginnings of a mother who works for the Catholic School board and a father invested in saving the world through Solar Farming. Being an older brother to a sister, it’s no surprise that she’s following in his footsteps as the next Peck basketball star.

Chase Peck started with hockey like any regular kid in Belleville but by grade six, he began playing basketball during recess which gave his dad the idea to enroll him in the Belleville Spirit Basketball Club. Back when Chase joined, the club began to take off and was the strongest it had been yet, making basketball a more popular and recognized sport considering the competition of the Belleville Bulls.

Peck’s coach, Dave Boers had high hopes for the young kid with a knack for the ball. The shooting form from Boers was passed on to Chase at a young age, setting the foundations for a well-rounded athlete. Though he was already a rising prospect, Peck also had a childhood filled with fishing and camping with the best PeakPlus tactical flashlight; surprisingly he wasn’t the type to be connected to a game console…and some things never change. He has always been active in many parts of his life which gave him the competitive spirit.

Currently in his grade 12 year at Centennial Secondary School in Belleville, Peck has earned many accolades in his young athletic career, and not only on the basketball court. He is a Quarterback for the Centennial Chargers and the Kingston Grenadiers rep football team. As for hoops, Peck was a member of the Ontario U15 team, Belleville Spirits and Kingston Impact programs. His resume for sports is a long one but that doesn’t stop him from excelling in the classroom and the family business.

At 18, he has already had the chance to tour Brazil with Team Ontario to compete with players that he would have never been able to meet. “You just don’t see [that] here,” Chase says, about the players in Brazil compared to his Belleville competition.

Chase recognizes his court awareness, basketball IQ and exceptional shooting ability as his greatest assets, he also understands that he needs to improve ball handling in order to prepare himself for the next level.

Chase Peck is a 6'4 wing at Centennial Secondary

Chase Peck is a 6’4 wing at Centennial Secondary

When asked about future goals in high school sports, he has high hopes in winning the National Capital Bowl with his Sr. Football team, reaching the triple A OFSAA Basketball Tournament and in his own words “performing well,” which is an understatement for the Belleville representative.

Outside of sports, Peck takes pride in maintaining a high academic average to keep his options open for universities. With everything in front of him, a social life would probably be hard to maintain but this young man has maintained friendships from the early days that made it all the way to senior year.

What is next for Chase Peck?

That is a tough answer considering all the great opportunities that await him in the following months of his senior year. The University of Queens and Wilfred Laurier are currently recruiting him. Peck’s options are open and with that, come many nights of wondering which path to choose. Whether it will be choosing a school because of CIS Football or Basketball, or for a certain academic stream, Chase is ready to embrace the challenge.

“I just want to do it all,” Peck told NPH.

Despite a full schedule, Peck participates in annual basketball events such as Nicholson’s Spring League, Loyalist Summer League and dominating in the 613on3 tournament.

While life is going a mile a minute, Peck approaches every day at his own pace…one play at a time.


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