Yusuf Ali: The Best Uncommitted Point Guard in the Nation.

Stat Line VS Seneca – 33 pts, 7 ast, 9/14 FG, 12/14 FT


Yusuf Ali has been slept on for too long, it's time he gets his recognition

Yusuf Ali has been slept on for too long, it’s time he gets his recognition

Yusuf Ali is hands down the best uncommitted point guard in the nation.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets continue.

Yusif “Rhino” Ali, part of the 2012 class, went completely under the radar in his high school career. I first spotted the 5’10 lead guard two seasons ago, playing and excelling for Vaughan Road, where he showed the total package.

NPH Evaluation, January 2011, Xavier Rimrocker

Ali is a polished and crafty guard with several moves in his arsenal. He is able to create or himself and others off the dribble by creating space, using a swift side to side cross over. He is able to pull up from the mid-range and behind the arch making him a tough cover. With regards to intangibles, Ali is a vocal leader who also provides a great deal of energy not seen too often at the high school level. Certainly a player to keep tabs on in the class of 2012.


After watching him compete last night for Deen Up, against older competition in Seneca College, things haven’t changed…Yusuf Ali is exactly what I thought he was.

yusuf ali FTAli brings a rare package of both tangible and intangible traits that hold great value and will translate at the next level. Firstly, he has the heart of a lion, shows great toughness on both ends of the floor and never backs down from an opponent. Ali has a great feel for the game, a trait that cannot be taught, instead naturally implemented into a player’s game over time.

He is a strong presence on the court at all times due to his personality and vocal leadership, as he demands the best out of his teammates. Ali’s Twitter Handle @Razzle_Dazzle0 accurately describes his game as he gets to which ever spot he wants on the floor and is able to create for himself and others.

Offensively, this talent is very dangerous as he can create in a variety of ways, while excelling in the pick and roll. Off the screen, Ali is able to utilize every option, whether it be pulling up for the jumper if the defense gives him space, turning the corner to attack the gap, or threading the needle to effortlessly feed the roller.

In addition, Ali’s impressive core strength allows him to finish extremely difficult shots in the air, displaying great body control.

Defensively, he has great hands and a natural sense of anticipation as he always manages to pick up steals before the oppposition sees him coming.

With four minutes left in the game, Ali had registered 33 points and seven assists, before checking out due to an ankle sprain. As he was getting treated by the physiotherapist, the lead guard anxiously watched from the table, impatiently waiting to check back in the game.

Ali was not cleared to enter back, but desperately pleeded with Coach Adeel Sahibzada, “Please coach, don’t do this to me.”

For the best interest of Ali, Sahibzada was forced to have his starting point guard watch the remainder of the game from the bench, which ultimately ended in a 102-96 loss.

After the game, I caught up with Ali regarding his lack of recruitment, he replied “You know what, I prefer it that way. People that are underestimating, won’t see me coming.”

As it stands, three NCAA and three CCAA programs have inquired for Yusuf Ali, but nothing yet from the CIS. With the right fit, Ali has the ability to be a program changer at the next level, in time.



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