Warren Ward “Absolutely Killing Guys” at NBA Pre-Draft Workouts

Warren Ward is making a statement at the NBA pre-draft workouts at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas. The Ottawa Gee-Gees star continues to display his relentless pursuit towards his dream while surprising many, including myself.

Over the past season, I’ve learned a lot about Ward on and off the floor. On the floor, he proved that he is the best shooting guard and play maker in the country thanks to a polished offensive skill set, passing and ability to create space.

Off the floor, we had the opportunity to catch up with him on multiple occasions, and in every discussion we’ve had, Ward’s maturity and confidence was evident.

Not to mention, the chip on his shoulder that he brings to battle every time he steps on the floor. This chip has fueled Ward to accomplish the unexpected, and help turn doubters into believers.

“Proving a lot of people wrong…that’s my focus,”  said Ward in an interview this past season.

[youtube ofGnWXVjFe4]

Yesterday, Ward received great praise from Steve Kyle of HoopsWorld and USA Today, who tweeted, “Canadian wing Warren Ward is absolutely killing guys in five on five… other players really impressed.”

Ward does not lack confidence, but his production will undoubtedly add to the fuel and cement in his mind what he already knew; that he can compete with anyone. He has now put himself in a great position while building on his player stock.

“Playin the game is one thing…being out here is another…but feelin like you belong and gaining the respect of others in 24 hrs. Priceless,” Ward tweeted last night, following a productive day.

“Opportunity is everything and anything is possible,” he continued.

Coming off a torn ACL last year, Ward is living proof of his words, and he now inspires a new generation of players coming out of Canada, playing in the CIS.

On November 2, 2012, I wrote this piece on Philip Scrubb exploding for 32 points against Villanova and the possibility of him getting a shot at the NBA.

Now, Ward further gains credibility for the CIS with his impressions against fellow NBA hopefuls.

[youtube VWu05hJ98Ns]

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