Tyler Plummer, Daniel Cummings Give Saints Fourth Quarter Surge To Defeat Villanova

Tyler Plummer One Hand Jam

Tyler Plummer One Hand Jam

AURORA, ON–The St. Andrew’s College Saints are now 8-4 in CISAA league play after picking up a win over a gritty Villanova squad yesterday and are now in Sault Ste. Marie for tournament play starting today and going into Friday. On their return, they will play a final regular season game against a winless Hillfield Strathallan College which will be followed by playoffs and OFSAA qualification.

SAC came out with a win yesterday but with so many games on the Saints schedule, it will be difficult for the centre piece, Chris Egi to get rest from a minor ankle sprain.

From the tip, it was evident that we weren’t going to see the high motor Egi that we’re accustomed to seeing. Fortunately, for the Saints, ninth grader Tyler Plummer and 2015 shooting guard Daniel Cummings put the game in their hands in the final minutes and closed out on Villanova starting with their defensive efforts.

Gene Spagnuolo on the attack

Gene Spagnuolo on the attack

Egi, had a decent night defensively while finishing with four blocks. To most this may be  an accomplishment to Egi, it’s just another day in the office. With proper rest and at full speed he is capable of swatting between six and eight per game.

At times, Coach Sean Ludwig had to be careful with Plummer’s and Cummings’ minutes because of their aggressive defending and the worry of them fouling out. Both had picked up their third foul early in the third quarter and it was during this time that Villanova was able to regain a small lead; neither team held more than six point lead all game.

While causing a rukus defensively these young guards combined for 30 points, pitching in with 15 a piece.

The Saints started off sloppy in the first half, racking up seven careless turn overs, four of which Villanova was able to convert on. Nova’s young PG Gene Spagnuolo controlled the floor well and was able to create off the dribble and find teammates off his penetration.

Spagnuolo has been among the top 15 guards in his class in terms of consistency and production this season.The next step for his stock to rise in the 2015 class is to assert himself more on defense and become as potent as he is on offense.

Another of Villanova’s guards, Gianmarco Luciani, who will be graduating this year, threw down a one hand cram on his defender in the third quarter that ignited the bench and the guys on the floor with him. They would make a six point run after that until the return of Plummer back into the line up.

Block to an assist, steal to a dunk, finishing with the hoop and the harm, Plummer was fantastic in the fourth quarter especially. He has an explosive first step that allows him to beat defenders off the first dribble and get to the hoop. As a ninth grader he has a great package with a lot of promise.

Villanova struggled with execution down the stretch and being how it’s near the end of the season and they will have to find a way to battle out a win against a 9-1 St. John’s Kilmarnock.

Here is Tyler Plummer throwing down the HAMMER in the fourth quarter to give St Andrew’s momentum:

[youtube T7XO0m_NxPI]

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