Henry Carr Defeats Ascension to Open Rim Rocker, Remains Undefeated

Dillon Brooks Lead Henry Carr with 17 Points
Dillon Brooks Lead Henry Carr with 17 Points

MISSISSAUGA, ON–The Crusaders roll on as the only undefeated team left, holding on firmly to the #1 spot in the nation.

To open the Xavier Rimrocker tournament, FHC took on a fiesty Ascension team, and in the first quarter it looked like the Eagles were not going to back down against the talented Crusaders team.

Lamar Copeland provided a nice spark of the bench
Lamar Copeland provided a nice spark of the bench

It was actually quite the opposite…Ascension came out with a tonne of energy and “upset” on their minds. By the end of the first quarter, the Mississauga contingent had a slim lead over the Crusaders.

Tristan Alexander, Tyler Edwards, Jermaine Hall, Christian Williams, and Ebuka Ebulu made good contributions to ensure Ascension remained within striking distance.

“We are not mentally focused, we are coming into this game and making stupid decision and it’s costing us…this is not Father Henry Carr Basketball,” Head Coach Paul Melnik stressed inside of a huddle, at the end of the first quarter.

As expected, Henry Carr responded defensively, began to force turnovers and hit shots to extend their lead, eventually picking up the blowout victory 78-54.

Dillon Brooks lead with 17 points, Tanveer Bhullar looked more aggressive and confident and FHC rolls on. Their next victim is St Martin’s.

With each victory under their belt, the results beg to question, Can Anyone Defeat Father Henry Carr?

Xavier RimRocker Results

Games @ SFX
Jean Vanier 50-48 Mother Teresa
Father Henry Carr 78-54 Ascension
5:20 : GOE v MAR
St. Roch 77-73 St. Francis Xavier 3 O/T

Games @ Carmel
St. Edmund Campion 74-48 Philip Pocock
St. Francis 54-45 Joan of Arc
Mount Carmel 77-46 Notre Dame (Brampton)
Notre Dame (Ajax) 71-68 St. Joseph

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