Dunk On: Who Takes it? Shavon Gayle, Adam Voll, Cassidy Ryan, Brody Miracle

5'10 Shavon Gayle Catches A Defender Jumping!
5’10 Shavon Gayle Catches A Defender Jumping!

As we’ve followed the high school scene, it seems almost every week, helpless victims are being jammed on! It happens, it’s part of the game, nothing to be ashamed about. BUT it does serve as a great confidence booster for teams and certainly a source of entertainment. With that being said, which DUNK on is the best?

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Brody Miracle (2013 6’7 F/ Holy Cross)

[youtube y557uQB076g]

Shavon Gayle (2013 5’10 PG/ Catholic Central)

[youtube U7K84_AQnoQ]

Adam Voll (2013 6’7 F/ SJK)

[youtube ujdKKjUIsEk]

Cassidy Ryan (2014 6’6 SF/ Mount Carmel)

[youtube 83np0NbqcaE]


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