Windsor Showcase: Welcome to the NPH National Rankings!

If you have been following along, you would have found out by now that the city of Windsor has made a statement on the Canadian basketball scene. The amount of talent was evidenced at the NPH Windsor Showcase last week, where we had the opportunity to discover what has been overlooked for year!

As you will see below, we are excited to welcome over 20 new prospects to the NPH National High School Player rankings, from the class of 2013 to 2017.

Munis Tutu Makes MAJOR Splash in NPH National Rankings

Munis Tutu
Munis Tutu

Munis Tutu (2015 6’0 PG)/ La Lumiere) headlines this crop of overall talent. The lightning quick lead guard makes a major splash, securing the #4 spot in the NPH National  rankings, and is now among the top prospects in the nation! We project Tutu as an NCAA high-major talent due his combination of eye popping tools; ball speed, vision, athleticism, size for position and shooting ability. It is fair to say that Munis Tutu possesses the complete package as a point guard. His ability to see the entire floor and create for others [especially in transition] is extremely rare to come by. He is at least a step ahead of the defence and sees plays before they happen. The last time we witnessed such a natural feel for the game, Mr Myck Kabongo was setting the high school scene on fire. Munis Tutu, welcome to the NPH National Rankings!

Mychal Mulder or Tyler Storie?

It was a hot debate among the NPH panel, during and immediately following the NPH Windsor Showcase. Mychal Mulder is no stranger to the National Rankings, as he holds on to the #10 spot. However, we questioned whether Tyler Storie’s mental edge would give him the advantange over Mulder. Storie approaches the game with a tenacity that is rare to come by at the high school level, however Mulder’s physical tools (length, freakish athleticism, and size for position) make him a VERY attractive prospect as far as long term potential goes. While Storie dominated day two, Mulder’s impressive day three performance kept things interesting in this debate. Conclusion? Mulder will get the slight edge despite the fact that Storie is currently a more polished player. Will Mulder’s potential be maximized? That is yet to be seen. Stay tuned.

DamiAnn Prehay Makes a Jump

DamiAnn Prehay (2015 6’4 W/ Bramalea) is another name that we are becoming very familiar with. Hailing from Brampton, ON, the 6’4 wing made the four hour Drive to Windsor with his family to earn respect. And that he did. This was Prehay’s second time at an NPH showcase, therefore was well aware of what he needed to do. His athleticism was on display all weekend, as he got out in transition and created some exciting highlights (coming soon) which included posterizing a helpless defender with a big right-handed cram! Furthermore, Prehay has improved his perimeter game, but must continue to tighten his handle and shooting ability to transition into the two spot. Prior to the NPH Windsor Showcase, this prospect was on the outside of the NPH Top 25 (#34) looking in; he has now jumped ___ spots into #. Prehay was also named to the NPH All-Star Team.


Welcome to the NPH National Rankings!


Bold – Previously Ranked Players. (Click Player to visit NPH profile)



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