Money, Power and Respect…Canada Basketball GM Steve Nash Provides All of The Above


TORONTO,ON–After witnessing one of the most inspiring moments in Canadian hoops with Steve Nash announced as General Manager of CB,  the public response has been, for the most part a positive one.

While some may question Nash’s ability as an executive, or think of his involvement as a publicity stunt…rest assured that his name alone will have a positive impact on the national program on various levels: Money, power and respect.

Steve Nash Announced As Canada Basketball GM

Steve Nash Announced As Canada Basketball GM

  • Money

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“We needed to find a creative way to invest more in the program and to strengthen the human resource side of the program,” explained Parish.

“We’ve never had the budget or the resources for the things that we would have liked to do…now because of the power, human resource and capital of our sixth man group, we can do some amazing things,” reiterated Nash.

“The Sixth Man” is a group of high net worth individuals across the county who are passionate about the sport of basketball and passionate about the vision moving forward.

  • Power

When a basketball organization can claim that a two-time NBA MVP is running the show, all naysayers can be silenced. The power that a name such as Steve Nash brings to the table is of great magnitude whether referring to marketing, financial aid, collaborations, player commitment, or media attention.

Nash is a perfect fit for this position when you take into account his genuine passion for the advancement of the game and the growth of our rising talent. When you talk about Canadian basketball, Steve Nash should be the first name that comes to mind. Outside of Dr James Naismith (who created the game), not another Canadian has made a bigger impact on basketball than Steve.

As he explains, the focal part of the mandate is to “improve the culture of the game in our country…to make it more collaborative…to ask everyone that loves the game, plays this game and coaches this game to take ownership in order to raise the level of this game in our country and eventually the national team.”

There has been, and remains to be a gap within the basketball community that has limited collaboration, ultimately limiting growth. However, Steve Nash possesses the charisma and power to tie up knots and move this game forward.

“We have the passion to do it and with the collaborative efforts, I think anything is possible.”

  • Respect

Although we, as a country have some of the fastest rising talent in the world, it means nothing if the national program is unable to receive commitments from the elite. Plugging Steve Nash into the equation will certainly address this issue as the youth respect the pedigree that the British Columbia native has built over 15 years in the same league that the elite Canadian talent aspire to enter.

At the same token, Nash shares this respect and will strive to find common ground in order to suit up Canada’s finest. In other words, he believes in the importance in turning it over to the player and accommodating this talent.

“How can we make this worth while for you, or how can we make this an opportunity for you to develop your game and take your game to the next level?”

In addition, he believes in the upcoming talent and understands how vital timing is, with regards to his involvement.

“I feel like now is a time to capitalize…not just because of the immediate success we can have and impacting these kids to go to the highest level they can…but if we can be successful at converting as much of this talent into the NBA…we can inspire the next generation and change this game for the better.”

“I have to say…it feels great to be back.”

I think I can speak for the majority of us in saying, THANK YOU for being back!


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