Waterloo’s Wildhawks and Wolverines Takeover In Final Minutes Of AAA and AA Etobicoke Elite Thunder Jam, Javon Masters Earning Tourny MVP

Waterlook Wildhawks - 2012 Thunder Jam Champions
Waterlook Wildhawks - 2012 Thunder Jam Champions

TORONTO,ON–The 2012 Thunder Jam, hosted by Etobicoke Basketball Association, was the first OBA tournament that gave us a preview of some teams that will be participating in this years spring season. Both Saturday and Sunday were Jam packed with tight games and a full crowd in attendance which added to the overall energy in the gym. Last night’s AAA and AA final featured a bundle of talent that will either be climbing or entering NPH player rankings. We were pleased to see the advancement that some prospects have made in their game since the start of their high school seasons.


Waterloo Wildhawks – 72

  • Javon Masters – 22 points (Tournament MVP)
  • Juwan Miller – 16 points (Defensive Player)

Burlington Skyhawks – 69

The Championship game was the game of the night not because of it’s title, rather because of the level of intensity and full court coverage by both the Waterloo Wildhawks and the Burlington Skyhawks. We can’t go without mentioning that anytime Grant Mullins is on the floor there’s bound to be some excitement. Normally Mullins would have come out of the gates having his way with whomever the defender may be, yet in this game this wasn’t the case. Head coach for the Wildhawks, Aaron Tomlin had strategically split the responsibility of guarding Mullins between  Javon Masters and  Juwan Miller. Both of these guards are excellent defenders with nimble feet and sneaky mits for pocket picking. M & M combined, held Mullins to just 15 points; which is low compared to the the rest of the games where he would post 25 or more.

Vedran Dmitrovic  (left), Juwan Miller (Middle), Javon Masters (right)
Vedran Dmitrovic (left), Juwan Miller (Middle), Javon Masters (right)

When closely defended by one of the Wildhawks’ guards, Mullins would find Deontay Scott often where he had no issue finishing. Mullins had five assists to Scott alone. It’s extremely difficult to contain Mullins primarily due to his shooting ability, but for the first time in front of my eyes that job was done.

With four minutes to play in the game the Skyhawks had a six point lead that was quickly defused by the slashing of Masters to the rim and a key basket from the hustle man Adam Voll.

The final minutes of the game belonged to Masters and Miller who couldn’t be stopped from getting to the cup.

The Skyhawks had a chance at getting off a last three point shot that would’ve taken them into overtime but it came up way short and they would lose to the wild breed 72-69.

Congratulation to the Wildhawks…Waterloo is on the map…clearly!



Waterloo Wolverines – 70

  • Cameron Gibbs – 15 points (MVP)

Mumba – 67

  • Sammy Mohammed – 23 points
  • Tyrone Dixon – 12 points (Defensive)
Adam Craig and Amjad Osman acepting Championship trophy
Adam Craig and Amjad Osman acepting Championship trophy

This game was the most entertaining match of the weekend. The bleachers were rumbling with applause from parents and fans in an overtime win for the Wolverines that was nearly extended to a double OT. Sammy Mohammed and Tyrone Dixon were the key factors in keeping Mumba in the game, while the two went on a rampage in scoring in the fourth quarter. On the other side, Cameron Gibbs of the Wolverines came up big for his team in the last 10 minutes of the game, scooping up loose balls, rebounding and tipping in missed shots. Mohammed attempted a three with 3 seconds to play in overtime that rattled out and ended the game giving the Wolverines a 70-67 win.

Every position for Waterloo was banging in threes to start the game. The largest lead of the game , which was 12, belonged to the Loo in the second frame. However, team Mumba, particularly Mohammed and Alastair Cole would not let them extend this lead any further, using there explosiveness to get to the rack and stopping the time.

While Cole was playing aggressive, he needed to tone it down on the defensive side because he was fouled out by the third quarter, leaving Mohammaed to take over and that he did. Noteworthy guard play from 5’7 speedy PG for the Loo, Amjed Osman was ultimately the difference in the game. Osman created for others and played a top notch defensive game, earning him Defensive Player of the tournament.

Regardless of the two made step back jumpers from Mohammed, the last shot that Mumba needed in overtime hit the back and front iron and popped out. This shot wold have tied the game for a second overtime. The Wolverines would go on to carry out the 2012 AA Thunder Jam title.


The NPH team would like to thank the entire Etobicoke Basketball Association for putting on such a well organized and competitive tournament to kick things off before the OBA season begins. We look forward to further colloborations with the EBA for future event coverage.

From this tournament there will be a number of players whose player profile will be reviewed and many will be adjusted within player rankings.




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