Halifax Junior High All-Star Game Raises Money For The MS Society

Halifax NS–One ambitious duo of high school students at Charles P. Allen had a project for an entrepreneurial class.  The goal was to make as much money as possible.  They raised 1,500 dollars through sponsorships and door revenue, which was donated to the MS Society.

The Halifax Junior High All-Star Game featured Halifax's bright young upcoming stars!

Kelsey Clory and Liam Cavanagh decided to put on a Junior High All-Star game, not only for boys but for girls too.  The girl’s All-Star game took place the week prior to the spring break, and the boy’s was held on the 21st of March.

The All-Star game featured the best players from the Metro Junior High league, including a few players who took part in the NPH East Coast Showcase, and was split up into two teams

Team Cavanagh (White Jerseys)

  • Matthew McVeigh – 2015 – FBJH
  • Ben Covery – 2015 – FBJH
  • Joji Ilami – 2015 – Oxford
  • Alex Ross – 2015 – Oxford
  • Marcus Hall – 2015 – Ellenvale
  • Nate Darling – 2016 – B.S.S.
  • Ryan Lawlor – 2015 – B.S.S.
  • Kai Kraushar – 2015 – Caledonia
  • Scott Hartigan – 2015 – Caledonia
  • Gabe Stephen – 2015 –Halifax Grammar
  • Jelani Wright – 2015 – Halifax Grammar

Team Clory (Dark Jerseys)

  • Levi Smith III – 2015 – GCJH
  • Johneil Johnson – 2015 – GCJH
  • Rowan Power – 2016 – Bicentennial
  • Chandler Davis – 2015 – AJ Smeltzer
  • Alex Carson – 2016 – AJ Smeltzer
  • Adam Henneberry – 2015 – BJH
  • Alex Petropolis – 2015 – BJH
  • Andrew Beaulieu – 2015 – Astral
  • CJ Hart – 2015 – Astral
  • Markeit Symonds – 2015 -Gorsebrook
  • Benson Auld – 2015 – Grosebrook

Kelsey Clory, who is heavily involved with basketball, playing for the CPA girl’s varsity team as well as the Thunder Selects club team had a bright idea to donate the money to the MS foundation.

Johneil Johson took home MVP Honours at the Junior High All-Star game


“We chose to donate the money to MS because my coach Brandon Rafuse from Thunder Selects has MS and he has really inspired me over the last four years”

Kai Kraushar, a NPH East Coast Showcase Alumni, won the Free Throw Shooting contest.  Chandler Davis and Alex Carson from AJ Smeltzer won the three point shootout as a team.  The Player’s of the game selected by the opposing teams head coaches were Jelani Wright from Team Cavanagh and CJ Hart from Team Clory.

Team Clory defeated Team Cavanagh 112-92, and Johneil Johnson took home the MVP of the All-Star game.  Johnson another Showcase Alumni had a dominating game where he showed a wide range of skills allowing him to rack up points.

The All-Star game featured some top talent, a majority of which will be making an impact next year on the high school scene for their respective teams.

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