Fredericton Emerges as New Brunswick Provincial Champion Over Kennebecasis Valley


NBIAA Provincial Championships

Saint John, NB–The New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association crowned it’s Provincial Champions this past weekend at Harbour Stations in a basketball crazed and exciting environment. Fredericton portrayed it’s dominance capturing AAA championships for both girls and boys. For AA, St Stephen’s and Rothesay took the gold, while Harvey and Grand Manon walked away from Saint John as A champions!

Fridays Action

A Girls Championship Game, Grand Manon defeat John Caldwell 64-57

Grand Manon                                               John Caldwell

  • Jesseca Brown 27pts, 11rebs          Danielle Bellefeur 17pts, 5rebs
  • Josie Brown 17pts, 12rebs               Venessa Defresne 15pts, 9rebs
  • Kimberly Wilson 9pts, 6 rebs          Kaylan Toner 12pts, 3 rebs
  • Cary-Lynn Brown 9pts, 4rebs         Emma Dufresne 4pts, 18rebs


A Boy’s Championship Game, Harvey defeats Devon Park 69-64

Harvey                                             Devon Park

  • Justin Benard 23pts, 9rebs        Matthew Harrington 32pts, 9rebs
  • Gabriel Walton 12pts, 7rebs      Zach Paget 8pts, 5rebs
  • Nick Kitchen 13pts, 6rebs           Bradley Smith 7pts, 4rebs
  • Noah Gillespie 9pts, 4rebs          Aric Paul 7pts, 2rebs


Saturdays Action

AA Girl’s Championship Game, Rothesay defeats Rothesay Netherwood 79-57

Rothesay                                           Netherwood

  • Chelsey Collette 26pts, 6rebs          Olaminde Ojuawa 20pts, 12rebs
  • Marissa Duguay 12pts, 8rebs          Anna Simmonds 17pts, 6rebs
  • Carissa McTague 11pts, 15rebs      Gillian Grant 6pts, 11rebs
  • Emile Chiasson 11pts 6rebs


AA Boy’s Championship Game St Stephen’s defeats Woodstock 87-72

St Stephen’s                                         Woodstock

  • Dan McShane 24pts, 6rebs           Isaac Gray 20pts, 9rebs
  • Robert McNight 21pts, 17rebs   Keegan Gray 15pts, 8rebs
  • Travis Power 19pts, 2rebs            Sam Gray 15pts, 7rebs
  • Devin Elsemore 10pts, 6rebs      Nathaniel Burlock 10pts, 5rebs


AAA Girl’s Championship Game Fredericton defeated Riverview 68-47

Fredericton                                            Riverview

  • Laura Kaye 19pts, 5rebs               Katie Lund 14pts, 5rebs
  • Ammy Appleby 14pts, 14rebs   Holly Jones 9pts, 8rebs
  • Emily MacLeod 13pts, 9rebs      McKenzie Balser 6pts, 6rebs
  • Emily Hazlet 7pts, 11asts


AAA Boy’s Championship Game Fredericton defeated Kennebecasis Valley 79-73

Fredericton                                  Kennebecasis Valley

  • Kyle Arsenault 27pts, 8rebs       James Davis 14pts, 1reb
  • Andrew Petrie 16pts, 10asts      Erik Nissen 13pts, 16rebs, 5 assists, 5 blocks
  • Alex Carty 15pts, 7rebs               Zac Chambers 13pts, 13rebs, 8asts
  • Wes Durling 9pts, 8rebs               Ryan Ramier 12pts, 9rebs


Erik Nissen, NBIAA Player of the Year


NBIAA Player’s of the Year

Sout-West Region

A – Matt Harrington, Devon Park  | Jesseca Brown, Grand Manon | Brandon Moffit, McAdam

AA-Isaac Gray, Woodstock | Chelsea Collette, Rothesay

AAA-Nick Huggard, Sussex | Amy Appleby, Fredericton | Erik Nissen, Kennebecasis

North-East Region

A-Matt Pickett, Petitcodiac | Jessica Northup, Stanley

AA-Patrick MacNaughton, Sugarloaf | Katie Cadman, Tantramar

AAA-Chris Murray, Riverview | Grace Wade, Bernice McNaughton


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