Dartmouth wins CEC Snowball Tournament Over Rival Auburn, Akeem Berry receives MVP Honours

Tournament MVP


Tournament All Stars

  • Ryan MacPhee – Sydney Academy
  • Nick Roberts – Cobequid Educational Centre
  • Adam Melanson – Horton High School
  • Shaquille Johnson – Auburn Drive High School
  • JJ Wilson – Dartmouth High School


Tournament Scoring Averages

Marquis Simms, CPA 23.0

Lorenzo Parker, Horton 22.0

Emad Khalek, CEC 21.3

Ryan MacPhee – Sydney Academy 18.3

Adam Melanson, Horton 21.3

Nick Roberts – Cobequid Educational Centre Ryan MacPhee, Sydney 18.3

Adam Melanson – Horton High School Duncan MacDougal, Sydney 16.7

Shaquille Johnson – Auburn Drive High School Alex Thomas, Horton 16.3

JJ Wilson – Dartmouth High School Bradley Fuller, Horton 15.3

Nick Roberts, CEC 13.7

AJ Simmons, Auburn 13.5



TRURO,NS–The Dartmouth Spartens took it to the #2 Nova Scotia Ranked team and cross town rival Auburn in the championship game of the Cobequid Education Centre Snowball Tournament. 

In a sluggish first half, both teams looked very lifeless and as if they were going through the motions as the half closed in a 36-36 tie. 

There was a good deal of talent on the floor starting with 2012 NPH #49-ranked A.J. Simmonds, as well as players on the NPH prospect watch; Ian Mitton (2012), Shaquille Johnson (2012), Guard Tyreece Ewing (2012) and Davonte Provo (2013) on the Auburn side.

For Dartmouth, a flurry of guards including Ashton Slawter, (2012), Akeem Berry (2013), Mo Downey (2012) and JJ Wilson (2013).

The Dartmouth Spartens awoke from their slumber and jumped all over the Auburn Eagles in the third quarter behind a strong team effort. Of notice were Ashton Slawter and 6-3 Maurice Colley (2014).  

Slawter used his length to disrupt Auburn defensively and then picked his spots offensively by playing off his teammates and getting easy baskets out of transition and slashing. 

Colley mixed his game by showing lots of movement and an ability to score from many different spots on the floor. This allowed the Sparteas to push their lead to 86-57 before coach MacLaughlin pulled the plug and allowed the game to settle to a 91-78 win.

On the Auburn side Shaquile Johnson kept his team in the game for as long as he could. Johnson showed some versatility by posting up, shooting mid range jumpers and slashing to get baskets.   

Johnson was the most impressive player on the floor. If he shows an ability to transition to the two spot by developing his handle and ability to shoot the three then he will improve his player stock.  These skills will enhance his strong defensive skills, his soft touch and his ability to slash and cut through the D.


In the Consolation Game the CEC Cougars defeated the CP Allen Cheetahs 83-74. The best player on the floor in this game was 2012 CEC graduate Emad Khalek. Khalek plays the game with a great deal of efficiency and patience. He shot a very high percentage on his way to a game high 33 points and showed the ability to, knock down the three (5), make mid range jumpers, break down the D for lay-ups or assists to his teammates. 

CP Allen had a large crop of underclassmen that included Kyle MacKinnon 2014, Cole Wood 2014, Marques Simms 2013 and Nick DePalma 2014. Nick displayed the most ability and a shot release that is extremely quick that will need to be enhanced through lower body development and footwork. 

The other players showed good promise as basketball maturity and toughness will determine their true abilities.

Other Tournament Results

Semi Finals

#8 Dartmouth High School 76 Horton High School 74

#7 Auburn Drive High School 67 Sydney Academy 53


Round Robin

G6 Horton High School 114 Charles P Allen High School 96

G5 Sydney Academy 66 Cobequid Educational Centre 63

G4 Auburn Drive High School 101 Charles P Allen High School 77

G3 Dartmouth High School 72 Sydney Academy 60

G2 Auburn Drive High School 96 Horton High School 92

G1 Dartmouth High School 89 Cobequid Educational Centre 76

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