National Program I.D Session Hosts the Future of Canadian Basketball!

TORONTO,ON–All week Canada Basketball hosted player Identification sessions at Humber College that essentailly saw the future of basketball in our country take the floor. Last night, the gym was overflowing with talent that went up against each other in drills and scrimmages.

Many provincial players were in attendance including U17 & U15 Nationals MVP Duane Notice (NPH #7-ranked) and Chris Egi

Chris Egi 

Egi has undoubtedly taken his game to new heights as the inner beast has been unleashed. He attacks the rim with force, finishes at the rim strong and even showed the ability to hit the outside shot. This youngster is overflowing with major potential while also being a straight A student.

Agunwa Okolie 

The Harvard commit Agunwa Okolie displayed his progress, particularly in his ball handling as there wasn’t a big that could remain in front of him which made Coach Rowan Barrett and Roy Rana match up Okolie with the guards.

Mikyle McIntosh 

When Big Mac goes for a dunk, his mother is usually cautious of him breaking another rim. The force and power that McIntosh goes up with is virtually impossible to stop. Either he’s making a poster or he’s getting fouled. At this session, he displayed good footwork and of course great athleticism. Would still like to see more consistency on the jumper.

Kaza Keane

Keane’s elite ball speed and vision has been evident from the first time we watched him. However, what was evident in the drills was his improved jumper which has ultimately improved his overall game. 

Michael Quinn

6’11 Michael Quinn of Ottawa was a pleasant surprise as he showed increased athleticism, mobility and assertiveness to the rim. We last saw Quinn over the summer in Las Vegas (Northern Kings) where he was breaking out of his shell at the time.

(Duane Notice elevating on jumper)

Chris McComber

This national cadet team member looked very impressive as his diverse skills were on display, hitting triples from deep as well as finishing on drives or put backs. McComber is one of the most well-rounded players in his class and we are looking forward to ocntinue tracking him.

Jalen Poyser

Poyser was a player that immdiately stood out among the crop, showcasing a variety of skills from shooting, driving to creating for others. A bright future lies ahead for this youngster, it is important that he continues to put in work in order for him to keep distance between him and his competitors

Jamar Martin

This kid is one of the most explosive players that we have seen for his age group, it is mind blowing. While taking part in the drills, Martin excited those in attendance with monster one hand jams following his hop step. It is extremely rare for players to finish that high above the rim off of two feet, especially without picking up momentum off the run. In terms of skill, there is much to be developed however his combination of size and athleticism at his age are certainly a good base.

(Trevon McNeil during drills)

***As previously mentioned, there was a tonne of talent to track, however from walking back and fourth in the gym those mentioned above caught our eye and we look forward to following the progress of all those that were in attendance.***

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