2011 Xavier Rim Rocker: Ascension Looking Like The Team To Beat Powered By Lead Guard, Camall Brown

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MISSISSAUGA, ON–The Xavier Rim Rocker has always been a highly anticipated GTA tournament since 2004. This event is hosted by the St. Francis Xavier Tigers and the Mount Carmel Crusaders. Every year, 16 teams try to make it to championship day which is played in the Tigers’ habitat. Last year, the Martingrove Bears were able to battle their way out of the jungle and take home a championship; while being led by the 2010 tournament MVP Sukhpreet Singh. In 2011, Ascension is looking like the team to beat after coming out really strong on day one with a 75-44 win.

Following the game recaps, below are the finals scores and standings for teams from both sites.

Game 1

Martingrove could not seem to get into a rhythm today against Brampton Centennial as there was a lack of energy from their starters. Although they outsized Brampton Centennial, the little guys used their speed in transition to pick up many fast break points and spaced the floor well to create holes in the defense. They would eventually run away with a 68-50 win. Kamar Manning and Jalen Henry stepped it up while Reece Brooks, a name everyone should be getting familiar with by now, had a quiet first game.

A few post game words from Head Coach for the Brampton Centennial Bucks, Louis Pahis.

“Coming into this game, we knew we didn’t want to be trading baskets with Martingrove, so we put in the zone and did a good job letting them shoot from outside.

“Sometimes when you’re in a zone you’re hoping the other team doesn’t make shots and that’s exactly what happened today, and on top of that we rebounded well and didn’t allow second chance opportunites.”

Game 2

With their star guard Johneil Simpson absent for the this tournament, the Vaughn Road Vipers were ripping down the court and taking aggressive yet controlled attacks to the basket.

This game against Campion was the best we’ve seen them play so far. Many guys such as guard Yusuf Ali, Brandon John and Rakim McFarlene stepped it up defensively and battled for boards.

The team played with an urgency to win and it showed in their 71-49 win over Campion.

Coach Wilton Hall comments on the Vipers win and how they managed to beat Campion by a large margin without their 20+ point scorer Johneil Simpson.

“We’ve been really working at practice at sharing and distributing, giving up a good shot for a great shot…without him here other guys have to step up, which is what they did. Overall, he not being here will ultimately make us a better team.”

Game 3

This proved to be another game where the overall speed of the team was the determining factor in the win.

Leading the Ascension of Our Lord Eagles was returning senior guard Camall Brown, who finished with 20 points in the win over St. Theresa.

Brown’s game will be under analysis today and championship day as there is a good chance he will be busting into the NPH rankings.  

What makes Ascension so strong is their depth. For the most part, every individual has great speed and athleticism.

They are a dangerous team to go up against because they can hit from the perimeter as well as take it strong to the hoop. Dare I make an early prediction and say that the eagles could go all the way?



Games @ SFX
Brampton Centennial 68 (Jalen Henry, 15), Martingrove 50 ( Gabriel Soicher, 13)
Vaughan Road 71 (Rakim McFarlene, 14), Campion 49 (David Aromolaran, 12)
Ascension 75 (Camall Brown, 20) St. Theresa 44 (Derrick Stobbs, 21)
St. Peter 57 (Daniel Nwosu, 23) Xavier 35 (Nicholas Barnes, 12)

Games @ Carmel
Richview 89 (Patrick Street 27) Notre Dame (Brampton) 65 (Bobby Tacky 17)
Turner Fenton 48 (Tyrell Williams 18) West Humber 46 (Travis Williams 17)
Joan of Arc 62 (Jordan Clark 17) Dunbarton 56 (Jamal Reeso 16)
Mount Carmel 55 (Cassidy Ryan 18) Notre Dame (Ajax) 51 (Demoy Green 14)


1-0 St. Peter: PET – Ottawa AAAA/AAA
1-0 Vaughan Road: VR – Toronto West
0-1 St. Francis Xavier: SFX     – Peel Central
0-1 St. Edmund Campion: CAM – Peel North

1-0 Ascension: ASC – Peel North
1-0 Brampton Centennial: BCSS – Peel Central
0-1 Martingrove: MART – Toronto West
0-1 St. Theresa’s: TER – South Simcoe

1-0 Turner Fenton: TF    – Peel Central
1-0 Our Lady of Mount Carmel: OLMC – Peel South
0-1 Notre Dame (Ajax): NDA – Durham AAAA
0-1 West Humber: WH – Toronto West

1-0 Richview: RIC – Toronto West
1-0 St. Joan of Arc: JOA – Peel South
0-1 Dunbarton: DUN – Durham AAAA
0-1 Notre Dame (Brampton): NDB – Peel North


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