NPSAA Game Of The Day: REDA Vs Metro Prep


As warm ups got under way at the NPSAA Christmas Showcase, the crowd was anxious for tip off as they watched a stacked REDA team ,led by Shaq Keith and Abednego Lufile,  and a few high flyers from Metro Prep throw down some thunderous jams.

Game time was not much different from warm ups as both teams kept a high octane offense which allowed for fast breaks and fan favorite dunks of course. Both squads came in with an extremely aggressive defensive approach; this made sure that neither team would be able to make a threatening run with the score. This battle would eventually be taken to overtime where Keith would seal the deal with one of two free throws, giving his team a 81-79 win.

With so much skill on the floor there was no telling who would come out with the victory. The largest lead of the game was taken by REDA and it would only be by seven points.  However, Metro Prep’s scoring leader in this contest, Javon Loamy, finished with a game high 19 points and would not let this game slip away.

The defensive presence of Lufile and Connor Wood was immense as they each had a handful of blocks in the game; a few of which came in the fourth quarter.

It’s important to mention that 2012, star point guard from Nova Scotia, Mandrez Downey, was not available to play in this game which greatly affected his Metro Prep team. One of the key issues that would lead to Metro Prep’s demise would be their countless turnovers and a lack of movement in their offense.

Justin “the Jumpman” Jarvis, who pitched in with 18 points and 15 rebounds, commented after the game.

“You know, having Mandrez would have meant having someone who can handle the ball and control the offense and contribute in scoring. Not having him makes a huge difference and means other guys have to step their game up.

Another player that surely would have impacted this game is Martin Dixon-Green, who played in the first quarter but was first to make an early exit due to a minor sprain. Dixon-Green is expected to be back in action tomorrow as REDA will most likely go up against the first place team in the NPSAA, CFCA.

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