Q&A: Canadian NCAA Coach Nate Philippe, the Newest Maine Blackbear!


ORONO, Maine–When talking about Canadian coaches with vast experience at various levels against both American and Canadian competition, a name that should immediately pop up is Nate Philippe.

Philippe (Toronto,ON) has coached High School, AAU, CCAA, CIS & NCAA basketball and has recently secured a position with the University of Maine after a season with North Dakota.

NPH caught up with Phiippe for some insight on his move:

1) How would you describe your time at North Dakota?

I had a phenomenal experience at North Dakota and will always be grateful to Brian Jones for giving me a shot at my first D1 opportunity; great coaching staff, group of players and community. It was a special year that I will always remember.

2) What triggered the move?

I’ve known and have had a great relationship with Ted Woodward (HC) & Doug Leichner (AHC) for a long time, and the opportunity to be close to home was huge not only from a recruiting perspective, but also from a family perspective. My wife & I have spent most of our lives in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa & Halifax, which are all driving distance, along with Boston and New York City. It wasn’t an easy decision, but UMaine is a great fit and my family and I are excited to be Black Bears!

3) What are some of the duties that you will take on at Maine?

Recruiting is a key part of Coaching at the D1 level. I will also be working closely with our bigs, assisting on the floor in practice & games, opponent scouting, program promotion and academic monitoring.

4) Did the fact that Maine has been recruiting Canadians factor or play a part in your decision?

Maine’s long tradition of recruiting Canadians was a huge factor in making this move without a doubt. Along with being a husband, father, and coach, I am a proud Canadian! I feel that part of my mission is to provide opportunity to my fellow Canucks, and this is a great situation to do that. Approximately 25% of student-athletes at UMaine are from Canada which was a huge factor in my decision.

We would like to wish Nate Philippe the best at the University of Maine as he will continue to strengthen Canadian roots in Black Bear nation!

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