U17Women – Ontario vs Manitoba





Ontario 86 Manitoba 44

The first four minutes of this game went scoreless due to a shifty zone that was played by Manitoba and a intense women to women D from Ontario. It wasn’t until the 5:45 mark that the first point would go and this would by a free throw from Manitoba’s centre Emily Potter, who has been playing to her competition throughout the first three days. A game against Ontario would definitely be the wake up call that was needed.

Dakota Whyte went on a 3 point tear after going scoreless for five minutes. She finished with a dazzling 18, 6 and 6 stat line. This was followed by an exhausting man press that point guard, Kerri Kuzbyt of Manitoba had some troubles adjusting to. Ontario vs Manitoba, guards vs forwards is how this game played out. Due to the “in your face” defence of Ontario Kuzbyt would bring the ball up to the perimeter and guard it with her body by turning her back to the basket. This wasn’t helpful since she couldn’t see her teammates cutting to the basket.

The third quarter is where most of the damage was done on Manitoba. As Ontario continued their press, Whyte and Kaili Lukan came up with steal after steal which translated into fast break points. With five minutes in the 3rd Ontario found themselves up 19. The silence of the host teams crowed said it all; the baby bisons were discouraged and struggled to score the remainder of the game.

Emily Potter of Manitoba played an exceptional game dropping 13 points, while shooting 90%from the line and picking up 9 boards.




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