Chad Posthumus: Heading to Howard Junior College


Chad Posthumus found himself in a unique situation after leaving UBC.  He wanted to try and play division one basketball in the States but due to NCAA transfer rules he would have to sit out another year, after already redshirting at UBC for one year.

Poised to fulfill his dreams of playing south of the border, Chad enrolled in the Mullens Junior College Showcase in St. Louis.  At this tournament there would be 100 of the top Junior College players in the country along with 10 international players. Sixty-five of those 100 were division one transfer players who were in the same boat as Chad.

To be able to play in the tournament Chad had to first sign with a Junior College.  After speaking to the assistant coach at the University of Southern California, Chad was given recommendation of playing Junior College for one year, in order to be re-recruited instead of redshirting again for another year.

With this advice being given, Chad’s name was passed on to Navarro College where they were talking to him in primary discussions.  Somehow, his name had gotten out to a few other Junior Colleges.  Chad had a choice and it came down to Hutchinson College (Kansas), Navarro (Texas) and Howard (Texas). 

In the end Chad decided on Howard College. “Mark Adams (Howard College Coach) and I hit it off, it was just really good and he explained everything what they do down there and how they use big men which I really liked so I ended up signing with them.”

Moving forward, Chad is going to be playing at Howard College for only one season.  He plans to be re-recruited and sign with a division one school after the season ends.

His prospects might be looking good because after the Showcase in St. Louis, Chad’s new coach told him that roughly seven division one schools had been in contact with his him, looking to find out more info about him.

There are two signing periods during the school year and Chad looks to sign at the end of the basketball year in the spring.  “My coach is recommending that I wait until the regular signing period which is in the spring, that way you can get the full feel of everyone and you will have finished your season and you won’t be pressured by anyone”

Chad will be heading down to Big Spring Texas around August 20th to get settled in and ready before the school year starts.  He is ready to get his career dreams back in motion at Howard College.

“I’m really excited, I’m excited that I’m going to be playing and moving forward with my career, right now it’s all going in the right direction for me so as long as I stay healthy and just work hard I think I’ll have it made eventually.”


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