Tristan Thompson & Cory Joseph: Spearheading Canada’s New Basketball Generation


TORONTO,ON–It was said to be the biggest media turn out in Raptor land since a man by the name of Vince Carter.

Why such pandemonium you ask?

Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph.

The Canadian duo had the city buzzing with praise and excitement. The hometown heroes were back in their country for the Toronto Raptors pre draft workouts.

Following their sessions, media swarmed each Canadian, curiously posing questions wtih widespread point of views. Some asked about feelings on their performance, some with NBA-oriented questions, disecting their careers from current state, all the way down to high school.

NPH had the opportunity to follow and monitor the progress of these young studs since their days at Pickering and Brampton, therefore there was a lot to catch up on!

“We’re excited that people call us pioneers…you guys are making us feel old, making me look like I’m 30,” Thompson Joked.

“It’s exciting that I guess me and Cory led the way for the younger generation…I want to know who’s coming up after me and who’s going to take my back.”

Joseph is feeling the pressure but possesses enough confidence to overcome it.

“There’s pressure, of course. Having a big face in Canada and trying to put Canada on your back, of course there’s pressure but you have to relax and take it one step at a time.”

While there is a massive wave of Canadian talent that will hit the NBA scene in a big way after a few years, the fact of the matter is, Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph have played an integral role in paving the way for the youth.

“It’s unbelievable; kids thinking that they can fill my shoes, and I think it’s possible. I think we got a lot of young guys coming up that might surpass me,” Thompson explained.

Joseph encourages the young talent in Canada to continue stiving for success and working to achieve their goals.

“It means a whole lot. I know there’s a bunch of great talent in Toronto and Canada and I want them to do great.”


Thompson on Findlay Prep

“I think that me and Cory helped with getting a lot of Canadians to Findlay…I don’t blame the other kids following in the same path, I wish them the best and know that they will be successful.”

Thompson on Canadian HS vs US Prep School

“There isn’t a right or wrong way. It worked out for me, but for some kids it doesn’t work out for. The young kid Kevin Pangos, he stayed home and it worked out for him. He sitll went to a big program in Gonzaga.

“For me personally the States was a good route.”

Thompson on his Brampton and D’Youville roots including his brother

“We’re still close, we’re all blackberry messenger partners and my brother [ Dishawn Thompson] still goes there right now so I’m still close with D’youville, I enjoyed my time there.”

“We’ll see, If he’s not ready. If he’s not ready, he’s not leavin thats for sure.”

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