Laurentian University: A Unique Option For Recruits



SUDBURY, ON–For most potential recruits looking for a new home, the common reaction to the thought of attending Laurentian University is, “What is there to do in Sudbury? 

The truth is…this region will not offer the same lifestyle as Toronto or any other metropolitan city. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either.

What Laurentian can offer to players with ambitions of progressing both on the basketball court and in life, is a platform with little distraction and all the resources necessary to excel.

“It’s a bit difficult [to recruit] at times but the opportunity here is for players that want to succeed and work hard, get education and play.” Voyageurs head coach, Shawn Swords explains. 

On this trip to Sudbury, a lot was learned about the people, Laurentian University and the basketball program. It’s a quiet area, the people are friendly, and the team is on the rise led by a great coaching staff and a supportive fanbase.

It is fair to say that on almost every home game, the gym is packed with over 1,000 people in attendance.

“The history of this school is a basketball school…you can look at the banners in the gym right now, there’s multiple national championships,” said assistant coach, Jason Hurley.

“We have a fairly good travelling budget and I would say that Shawn Swords is probably one of the brightest upcoming coaches in the CIS,” Hurley continued.

Swords has been coached by Dave Smart (Carleton) Peter Campbell (Wilfred Laurier) and Jay Triano (Former Toronto Raptors Coach). With great playing experience all over Europe and a solid foundation, the future is looking bright for Coach Swords and the Voyageurs.

Why else would a players want to attend Laurentian? Jason Hurley expresses:

“It’s family up here, it’s tight because it’s a small school.”


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