Michael Thorne-Finch: Lakehead Certified



WINNIPEG, MB–Michael Thorne-Finch is a big guy. He stands at 6’8 and stands out in a crowd. Just standing next to him you can feel out of place, or extremely short. This kid can play and gained national attention from coast to coast.

Thorne-Finch was recruited at Toronto, Dalhousie, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Fraser Valley and of course Lakehead.

The recruiting process was a great ride as he went on a few visits to schools and had the opportunity to see what they were about, as it assisted with narrowing down his choices.

“When I went to Lakehead in the summer I got to work out with Scott Morrison, see how he coaches and meet with the players. At that point it was like okay, this could be an option.”

He also visited Dalhousie, as one of his schools of interest.

“When I went to Dalhousie on a visit it was too far for me and it was a big campus. I’m a laid back guy and when I went to Thunder Bay I felt a lot more at home there. It was a lot smaller and it had a better environment.

Most Manitoba prospects have historically stayed within the province but, Michael said “I was going to stay in the province, and last year I knew I was staying and then I started thinking more about going out of province, and the experience I would get from doings so.”

After a mediocre year at Kelvin by Michael’s standards, he is looking forward to trying to build his success at Lakehead.

“I had a good year at Kelvin, although not as good as I wanted to. Our team really didn’t do that well. I thought we were going to win provincials, but it didn’t happen and that was kinda frustrating,” said Thorne-Finch. 

“Now it is kind of a motivator for the summer to work hard and get better. I hate that feeling when you know you are supposed to win but it doesn’t happen.”

During the recruiting process Michael felt that Scott Morrison’s recruiting did not go unnoticed. His effort to get Michael was something that caught his attention.

”He was very upfront, and always in contact, and probably recruited me the hardest out of the other schools, you could tell that he really wanted me.”

Scott Morrison feels that Michael was a big recruit and thinks that he could turn into a solid CIS player.lakehead.jpg

“We put more effort into recruiting Mike over the past two years than we have for any recruit since Greg Carter. We think he is going to be a long term contributor who understands the type of sacrifices required to reach his potential as a basketball player and he already is one of the top true posts we have brought in as a freshman. With some continued effort Mike should prove to be one of the best ‘bigs’ of the 2011 CIS freshmen class,” professed Morrison.

Michael is looking forward to working with Coach Morrison and feels that he will be able to get the best out of him as he matures as a player.

Unlike many players, Michael knows that he will not be starting on day one and that there are a lot of veteran players who have worked hard to earn spots.

“I think with my first two years, I will probably not play a lot, but when I do, I will use those first two years as an opportunity to play and learn against the players… start in my third year, stepping into the position.”

His goals in basketball are plain and simple. Win a national championship and become the best player he can be.

Thorne-Finch goals moving forward towards the season are to “become a better player and get the most out of this year. This year will be a learning curve jumping from high school to university, and all the things I have to work on.”

Michael’s plans for the summer include a two week trip to Lakehead to train with the team and then to lift weights as well as work out with the provincial team to keep in shape.

Lakehead will be attempting to make it back to the final 8 again this year and with a roster almost intact from last year it seems like an accomplishable feat. Thorne-Finch is positive it can happen again, and wants to go back multiple times.

“I think next year we have a great chance, and the year after if everyone stays and I am hoping to make it for all five of my years, it would be a great thing,” he said.

He will be taking education at Lakehead, with plans of being the instructor one day, as opposed to the instructed. 

“I have always wanted to be a teacher, and they have one of the best education programs in Canada.”



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