Simon Farine: All Roads Lead to Success, [Farine to ink Pro Contract in Israel]


HALIFAX,NS–Sometimes in life, everything comes together so perfectly that it seems like it was destined to happen. Rewind back to 2006. Dalhousie University was embarking on another disastrous season, after which they would have the dubious distinction of losing 108 of their past 140 games. Coach John Campbell knew he needed some sort of spark to turn his team’s fortunes around, but didn’t know where it would come from.

The scene changes and takes us south of the border to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Toronto-native Simon Farine, a 6’2 guard considered to be one of Canada’s brightest young talents, found his skills being wasted away on UWGB’s bench during his rookie season. He knew he needed a change, and began looking at making the transition over to play CIS ball.

As luck would have it, Farine’s and Campbell’s paths would cross during this tumultuous time, and their encounter would be the turning point in both of their basketball careers. Farine committed to Dalhousie, and with that commitment, triggered a rapid turnaround for a program that once seemed lost.

“I was not happy at Wisconsin-Green Bay with either basketball or the school itself,” Farine tells NPH. “I decided to come back to Canada to be closer to family and friends, and because the CIS is a very competitive league. I chose Dalhousie because I knew some people going there, and I had met John Campbell, and liked his attitude and vision.”

With Farine at the helm of coach Campbell’s team, Dalhousie put together a respectable campaign during the 2007-2008 season, going 16-16. The following season, Dalhousie won the Atlantic University Sport championship, a feat which they repeated again during the 2010-2011 season. During this time, Farine showed off his glittering skills that had once drawn attention from the NCAA. After scoring over 17 points per game in his first season at Dalhousie, Farine averaged over 20 points per game in his next three seasons. For his individual excellence and his contributions to his team, Farine was a perennial AUS all-star, culminating with his selection to the All-CIS team this past season.

Aside from a strong competitive edge and a winning mentality, Farine’s greatest asset is his versatility. He is a strong guard who plays hard on both sides of the ball, and always looks to make plays for his teammates. Farine poessesses superb vision and passing ability, an absoulte playmaker. And of course, the kid can flat out score. While his university career didn’t start as he had initially hoped, it certainly turned out brilliantly for Farine.

“I think that although my NCAA experience wasn’t what I was hoping for, it was definitely a good experience in terms of making me tougher and more motivated,” explains Farine. “It worked out extremely well for me, and for the Dalhousie program, which is now at an all time high.”

With his CIS university career complete, Farine has now turned his focus to securing a professional contract overseas. “My agent and I are optimistic that a good contract will come my way this summer, so that I can play professionally this coming fall,” Farine says.

“I am planning to play pro next season, looking like it will be in Israel.”

What a ride it’s been for Simon Farine and for Dalhousie University. While it might not have been clear back in 2006 what the future held in store, it’s clear now that the success for both player and school reinforces one life lesson: through hard work and perseverance, success will always be waiting for you down the road. Sometimes you just have to take a detour to get there.

PHOTO COURTESY: Metro/ Dalhousie

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