Brody and Julian Clarke: Sibling Rivalry


TORONTO, ON–Remember Julian Clarke? If you live in Ontario and are a follower of the game, you should. Julian Clarke is a former high school star at Oakwood Collegiate, where he ended his secondary school career putting on his best Kobe Bryant impression during the 2010 AAAA OFSAA championships and sealing the deal for his Oakwood Barons.

Julian went off to secure a full ride at NCAA Division one, Santa Clara–the same program that two-time Canadian NBA MVP, Steve Nash graduated from. Julian recently completed his freshman season with the Santa Clara Broncos where he recieved limited minutes in his first year; the growing pains of competing in the NCAA.

However, back in Toronto, Ontario resides Julian’s younger brother Brody, a 6’6 giant, still only in the ninth grade, recently having a solid showing at the U15 Ontario Cup with Toronto Triple Threat.

The Clarke’s have a close connection with one another as brothers should, despite being four years apart,”Our relationship is definitely brotherly love, I mean we’ll have our ups and downs; there will be times where we’ll have big fights, and be at each other’s throats,” joked Brody.

On the basketball court, young Brody has certainly soaked in Julian’s abilities, especially the long range stroke.

“I learned that the three point shot is the most deadly weapon to have; if I can add that, it would do wonders for my game,” explained Brody.

With the four year difference in age, Julian dominated the younger Clarke throughout their elementary days; however Brody feels he’s ready to match up against older bro.

“There are a lot of times where I disagreed to play against him just because of disadvantages. I would love to play him now, but we haven’t had the chance to in a while becasue he’s off to university.”

A neutral voice was definitely necessary in the matter, so NPH caught up with Rachel, Julian and Brody’s sister.

“Up until a couple years ago, Julian was always dominating Brody just because of his age, and then Brody got so big that they started to become more equal,” she confessed.

“I watch them pretty often…it’s a big highlight in our family going to all their games. We used to play in our backyard and they used to play against each other,” continued Rachel.

There was a point when Julian was the aggressor, being the bigger body and dominating Brody physically.

“He used to get frustrated because Julian would push him around,” said Rachel.

Fast forward a few years, and Brody now 6’6, Julian at 6’3, it is safe to say that circumstances have changed.

As Julian continues his NCAA career moving into his sophomore season with Santa Clara, Brody will re-establish the family name with the Oakwood Barons and hopes to reach the OFSAA gold, similar to his older sibling.

Typically, when players are asked about their future goals with basketball they are quick to answer, “NBA” or “play in the Euroleague.” However, the younger Clarke provided an unexpected answer.

“I don’t know what my long term aspirations ate for basketball…I’m just trying to get through grade nine right now.”


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