Justin Edwards, NPH #8-ranked Prospect in 2011 commits to Maine

WHITBY, ON–“I thought about it last night, but today I signed the papers.”

That’s right folks, it’s official! The NPH #8-ranked Canadian prospect in 2011 has declared his NCAA committment and will be a Maine Blackbear.

He will join fellow Canadian, post presence, Mike Allison.

I really talked with my parents a lot to see where the best fit would be and where I would have the best chance of success.

What is the definition for success according to Edwards?

“To be successful is playing basketball and in school…they have my major, [physical education] where they have had a great success rate as well.”

For athletes, taking physcial education in post secondary school seems to be a natural fit. With the options of becoming a gym teacher, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, personal trainer, chances are Edwards will remain involved with the sport he loves regardless of what happens after his undergrad is achieved.

“Also being successful is playing professional after. Maine has a great resume of players who have went on to play professionally, and some got NBA tryouts. This year Troy Barnies had trouts with New Jersey and will attend the Dallas tryout.”

Edwards also mentioned that 17 players in the last decade have went on to play professionally after Maine.

With the National Basketball League of Canada [NBL] fresh on the minds of Canadians, NPH couldn’t help but ask about the thought of Edwards playing in the league one day.

“I think the league is a really good idea because a lot of canadians are good and now we’re lucky becasue it’s not just about hockey anymore,” he laughed.

However, as the NBL will continue to develop, Edwards discusses his current ambitions.

“My real goal is to make it to the NBA, that’s my dream goal…my prioritized goal is to play in the Euroleague.”

Yet, the 6’2 Combo Guard does not cancel out the thought of potentially playin in front of  Canadian home crowd.

“The NBL is a league that would definitely be worth looking into.”

In the meantime, Canada will still have the opportunity to witness Edwards in action on a few more occasions including the U19 OBA Ontario Cup on MAy 27-29 in Kitchener, along with the JYD Al-Canada Classic on June 21st at the Air Canada Centre.

Edwards will also be working out with one of his trainers, Coach Mike Kennedy [trains several elite Grassroots Canada players] working on his handle, moves off the dribble and agression. 

“I definitely need to be more agressive at the next level because I can coast in Canada and get away with it every game but in the NCAA, I must be prepared.”

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