TORONTO,ON– Canada Basketball is pleased to announce that the call for nominations into the 2011 Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame is now open.

The mission of the Hall of Fame is “to recognize, honour, immortalize and enshrine the contributions to the development and enhancement of basketball in Canada and internationally”.
Nominations can be in any one of five categories: athletes, teams, coaches, officials and builders.

Nominations can be submitted by members in good standing, Canadian citizens (provided that the nomination is signed by 10 individuals and receives the signed approval of either the Board of Directors of Canada Basketball or an Active Member Association prior to the submission) or the media (on official letterhead of the media source and is signed by an official representative of any members in good standing with Canada Basketball). 

All nominations must contain a complete record of the merits and achievements of each candidate as well as all relevant contact information.  Please see attached for nomination form.


All nominees must be Canadian citizens, a resident of Canada for a minimum of five years, born in Canada or made their distinguished contribution to the game of basketball in Canada. 
Players must be retired from active duty at their highest level for five years.  Teams must be five years removed from their significant milestone.  Coaches and officials must be retired for two years or one year if 65 or older.  Builders are exempt from specific timelines with respect to entry.
The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2011.  Please submit all nominations to:

Selection Committee
c/o Tanya Phillipps
Canada Basketball
1 Westside Drive, Unit 11
Toronto, ON  M9C 1B2

The following is a list of current candidates eligible for consideration on the active ballot:

Boucher, Kelly                             Athlete
Hall, Bob                                    Official
Jones, Ray                                 Builder
Kelsey, Howard                           Player 
Offstein, Bernie                          Builder
Pipe, Dr. Andrew                         Builder
Sargent, Joanne                         Athlete
Smrek, Mike                              Athlete
Straub (Johnson), Angela            Athlete
Weiland, John                            Official
2000 Men’s Olympic Team           Team   

For nomination forms and more detailed criteria, please visit www.basketball.ca and select “Hall of Fame” from the navigation bar on the homepage

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