Geared up: Impact Without Injury


Traditionally, Basketball has been known to be one of the few sports that doesn’t require much equipment; just a ball and some sneakers. As of recent, the sport has been able to market many different types of equipment, such as; the shooting sleeve, padded compression shirts and padded compression shorts. At first, I questioned whether any of these items are necessary. I came to the conclusion that, although it is not critically necessary, it does prevent certain injuries from occurring or lessen the severity of that injury. While serving as protective gear, the comfort ability factor is not to be questioned since the polyester spandex forms to the body while allowing sweat to wick away from the body.


McDavid, Underarmour, Adidas and Nike are all brand names that have created similar protective apparel. It actually doesn’t make a difference what brand is worn because they all serve to protect the most susceptible areas by using a certain form of foam cells as padding to protect from injury.







Take for example, a “charliehorse”, you know, that annoying pain in the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. This pain occurs as a result of a contusion, by an elbow, knee or hit against a hard surface. The majority of people who play basketball can testify to having received one at some point in there basketball career. Sometimes the bruising takes extensive time to heel, if the muscle tissue is deeply damaged. This all means that rest and massaging are the two most necessary things to do, in order for the healing progress to speed up.


Other areas of the body that are commonly injured when competing on the hardwood are the hips, ribs, tailbone and elbow. Have you ever lost control of your body after leaving your feet and landed on your hip or tailbone or elbow? Or have your ribs ever taken a blow by someone’s elbow? If you have, there’s no need to remind you of the pain, yet, what if there was padding under your shorts? Would the pain have been less? Would there have been any injury at all? Would it have affected recovery time? The most reasonable answer to all these questions is yes. Choosing a personal injury attorney who actively investigates and preserves your claim and rights is essential in obtaining the compensation for which you’re entitled, having a lawyer who will take care of this is extremely important since they have the knowledge in the area, many people try to go to trials with what they know, the problem is that there are many areas in which they will get tangled up, for this reason, the Levitt LLP team as well as Philadelphia pa auto accident lawyers recommend looking for an attorney .

The purpose of this information is not to advertise these products, rather it is to remind players that injuries will occur, but there are ways of preventing them or minimizing the damage that’s done to muscle tissue. Using this gear is one of those ways.


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