Tut Ruach: Gutte Wurf

GERMANY–After a spectacular play on the court, in Canada we encourage, “good shot!” However, if you focus your attention to the East, former York U superstar, Tut Ruach has the Germans uttering, “Gutte Wurf”

In his first season with the CRE Itzehoe Eagles of the German Basketball League, Ruach stretches his legacy that began at Father Goetz HS in Mississauga, ON and continued as a York Lion.

While “King Tut” (as he is sometimes referred to) is no longer competing on the same continent, the essentials of the game remain. Ruach is still coasting 94 feet from baseline to baseline while finishing at the hoop, still dazzling opponents with the killer crossover and still putting on a show.

tut_ruach.jpgThe impressive stat line of 18.2 ppg, 4.5 apg, 4.7 rpg is just a verification.

Surprisingly, the 6’3 elusive point guard has discovered Germany to be quite similar to his hometown after smoothly transitioning into his new surroundings.

“The weather is like Toronto, not that much of a difference, but apparently it’s going to be a really cold winter,” he laughs.

“Snow removal isn’t the greatest out here.”

While the climate is on par, the German language has been the biggest barrier with respect to performing his duties to the best of his ability. Yet, Ruach advances, learning quite a bit of the Deutshland lingo.

“Our coach used to get a guy to translate what he wanted us to do in practice…but now he instructs, and I respond with what we’re doing.”

The progress and maturity of this individual both as a player and person has been quite remarkable. His dream was always to be a professional basketball player, an ambition shared by millions around the world. At present, Ruach is in position to contribute the knowledge he gained over his time playing in the CIS.


Tut Ruach on CIS career


“I would say take advantage of the attention to detail and fundamentals that you get practicing in the CIS; sometimes that stuff seems boring but looking back on it now, it was so beneficial.”

“As for playing at the next level, just know what you want to do and stick with it. It can get discouraging at times trying to get a foot in the door, especially coming from the CIS. You just have to work hard every day, believe in yourself and try to find a situation that fits you best.”

A message to the readers: take these sentiments and put them to use in your life. Whether its ambitions of making it to the NBA, NCAA, CIS, CCAA, or simply progressing in your everyday life; the key words are composure and fortitude.

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