As a member of OFSAA’s seeding committee for provincial high school championships, there are some difficult decisions to be made. Having watched over 100 games this season, it does not make the job any easier simply due to the fact that there is no clear number one. Wins and losses, strength of schedule, tournament championships, overall record and more will be taken into consideration.

The D’Youville Panthers smelt fear from the tip. This wasn’t the same St. Marcellinus that had come off a semi-final win against Father Goetz. The atmosphere was different, they were now in foreign territory with home court advantage belonging to the Panthers. DY had pounced right off the first possession where Keshon Montague opened up scoring for the game. From there you could tell it was on, the grin on his face as he ran back to play defense was a sign of what was yet to come.

It’s a perfect time for D’Youville to be playing their best basketball of the season.

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