Dillon Brooks | 2015 | 6’6 | SF | Findlay Prep (via Henry Carr)

Possesses a killer instinct. Plays with heart on his sleeve, however is up and down emotionally throughout course of a game. Must be more consistent in this regard. Brooks is a versatile small forward with two guard skills, but has not yet transitioned. His flexibility is a glaring deficiency; after his first year at Findlay Prep he is going to be scary when increases agility; improvement in this regard will allow him to successfully transition to the two-spot (on both ends of the floor), as it will aid him in his anticipation and lowering his centre of gravity, increasing agility in the process. He can score in many ways, operates out of the high post very well, getting bigger defenders of their feet, then attacking the bucket to finish strong. Has some advanced back to the basket moves, including post up-fade way, or using series of pump fakes and attacking the gap. Big time athleticism and great upside – High Major



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