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TORONTO,ON–The first phase of the national cadet team tryout has officially ended and NPH was fortunate enough to observe some of the top talent that Canada has to offer.  The following are NPH player evaluations on the tryout along with a short interview with Cadet Head Coach, Roy Rana.

Team Canada Cadet Head Coach, Roy Rana

On Choosing the Players

“There are so many different factors; long term potential, court sense, the way they handle themselves off the court, level of effort, skill base. It’s not one specific thing, more of an overall evaluation”

On the depth of talent at Cadet Tryouts

“I’d rather not speak about any particular individuals, but I will say that this group is much deeper than the cadet group we had years ago. It’s a pretty deep group and I’m excited, I think we have a lot of talent that can go on and play in our senior team, or at least in our junior team.”

Team Canada Cadet Team Goals

“The goal is to qualify for the world championhsip and the key thing as a coach is to get these young players another summer of international basketball.”


*This list of players is strictly on those that stood out in two of the four days of the Cadet Team invitational tryout open to media and IS NOT an official list of players that advanced to the next phase of tryouts.*

Andrew Wiggins | 2014 | 6’7 |  SG-SF | Vaughan | Vaughan, ON

Wiggins was the most dominant player at the tryout. When he wanted to score, he did so with agression. He is beginning to blossom now, showing more of his personality and attitude on the court. As we recall, Wiggins demonstrated a cross over, then pull up jumper, nailing it in his defenders eyes, folllowed by a confident fist pump. Look for Wiggins to really flourish and mature on this trip to Mexico (he’s a lock for this team) as a leader–surely by example, but maybe even vocally!

Jabari Craig | 2015 | 6’11 | F-C New Birth Christian Academy | GA via Toronto, ON

The first thing we thought when watching Craig play was “Wow.” Craig is more than just a big man: he’s an athlete. He jumps with the greatest of ease, and runs the floor like a small forward. Blessed with height and a well built frame to go with his athleticism, he definitely looked like the post prospect with the highest potential in the building. Craig is very raw but was beast-like in the drills dunking EVERYTHING. At this point, he relies more on his size and athleticism than his fundamental basketball IQ to make plays develop with ease. However, this is something that will come in due time. (we would be shocked if Craig did not receive a spot on the final roster)

Marial Shayok | 2014 | 6’3 | SG | St. Patrick’s | Ottawa, ON

This prospect representing the nation’s capital was quite refreshing to observe as Shayok has a superb feel for the game and is well advanced in his offensive skills. Marial can beat players off the dribble with crossovers and spin moves leaving his defenders in the dust. Defensively, he was extremely active, pressuring opponents with something to prove, a trait that Shayok was praised for by the Cadet coaches. He also has good size at his position and is still growing, possessing great basketball genes [brother Shayok Shayok recently committing to NCAA, Bradley, sister plays for Detroit U]. If he continues to play at a high level on both sides of the ball, Shayok will evolve into a special player. Among the 30 participants at the National Cadet tryout, NPH would consider Marial a top-10 talent.

Jamar Ergas | 2015 | 6’3 | SG | Chaminade | Toronto, ON

Most recruiting enthusiasts around North America would have heard of this magnificent ball of athleticism, otherwise known as Jamar Ergas. What is most apparent about Ergas’ game is his athleticism, including a remarkable vertical leap. However, he showed that he is more than just a trampoline as he displayed a solid mid-range game, especially off the bounce, scoring on step-back jumpers and pull ups.

Jadon Cohee | 2014 | 6’2 | PG | Walnut Grove | Langley, BC

Cohee is a rail thin lead guard but a crafty playmaker. He showed the ability to finish at the basket consistently while adjusting himself in mid-air for good scoring position. Cohee’s body control was quite impressive both on the fast break [finishing a nice reverse lay in], as well as in traffic, where he would manouvre himself around defenders. Throughout what we witnessed of cohee, he made a good case to be considered for the next tryout in June.

Jasdeep Gill | 2014 | 6’5 | PG | Chestermere | Chestermere, AB

Gill really surprised us and was quite impressive as a playmaker. At 6’5, he has great size for the lead guard position, however he will likely play both perimeter positions if he is to advance and make the cadet team. Gill excelled at pushing the ball and finding the open man; he has a high IQ coupled with good vision. Whatever perimeter positon he will ultimately play is irrelevant at this point due to the fact that he can create for himself and others at the one-spot or the two. Gill also displayed good strength, as he finished plays agressively while absorbing contact on various occasions.

Chris Egi | 2015 | 6’6 | F | St Andrews | Toronto, ON

Egi continues to impress after a solid showing in Windsor at the Ontario Cup. As he matches up against higher level competition, his energy and production pick up considerably and more about his game becomes evident. Based off what we’ve seen in the past few weeks from Egi, it is clear that he has a developing mean streak on the hardwood which goes a long way on his defensive rebounding and help defense. The big man got his hands on several shot attempts, swatting them away with agression. Egi becomes a more intriguing prospect each time that we witness him in action.

Anthony Pate | 2014 | 6’3 | SG | Holy Trinity | Oakville, ON

Pate has advanced to the next phase of tryouts, and for good reason. This youngster is a very good scorer and has the ability to create for himself and others. At this particular tryout, Pate excelled at finishing on the break and pulling up for mid-range jumpers. With the amount of elite level guards at the tryout, it will be interesting to see how the Cadet staff will determine and distinguish one from another.

Patrick Steeves | 2014 | 6’5 | SG | Jean De Brebeuf | Montreal, QC

Steeves displayed his versatility, scoring from deep as well as attacking the rim with a nice floater. This Quebec representative will be competing with several other eligible players to play the wing for this Cadet team. It will be a tough decision for Coach Rana and co, stay tuned to find out how it all plays out!

Tristan Etienne |  2014 | 6’8 | F | W.J Mouat Secondary | Abbotsford, BC

Etienne is a very lanky player that understands how to attack the basket in the post using drop steps and well-executed hook shots. He is not about explosion, but moreso finesse, picking his spots and making the corrrect plays. He seems to be very open to suggestions when coaches run drills making him a willing learner, leaching on to his surroundings. He must add bulk to his frame, but considering his age, it isn’t a concern at this point. If he develops a more polished perimeter game, or even takes his jumper to the next level, watch out!

Miroslav Jaksic | 2014 | F | 6’9 | Herman | Windsor, ON

Jaksic is an aggressive player on offence who uses his foot speed and length to attack the rim, and also has a nice shooting touch both inside and out. He seems to be fundamentally sound – as sound as you can expect from a big man at his age – and is willing to work hard in drills. Jaksic seems to be more comfortable facing up than with his back to the basket. His focus should be to continue working on his jumper and developing it into a lethal weapon, making him a huge asset considering his size.

Cassidy Ryan | 2014 | Wing | 6’5 | Mount Carmel |  Mississauga, ON

Cassidy seems to be a player who thrives off hustle and hard work. While watching him compete against the other Cadets, he definitely had the best motor, and gave 100% on every play and in every drill he participated in. Cassidy also showed a decent touch around the basket, and confidence in his post moves. Cassidy should continue to work on his dribbling skills and perimeter game in order to transition into a guard and boost his player stock considerably.

NOTE: Justin Jackson was inactive in the drills and scimmage as he was out with a groin injury.


  • Malcolm Duvivier
  • Jayden Nordin
  • Mike Shoveller
  • Junior Sesay
  • Tyrell Bellot-Green
  • Christopher McCumber

*Several players were unable to attend the tryout including Kevin Zabo, Tanveer Bhullar, Jordan Robinson due to school commitments.*

Tariq Sbiet

Written by Tariq Sbiet

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