Championship Weekend: NPHShowcase League Playoff Preview Grades 11, 9 & 8

As each NPHShowcase League season passes, the competition & quality of teams continue to improve. More teams from different cities/regions in Canada come to NPH to test their skills and go up against elite level talent. Teams & Players enter the Ecosystem as early as middle-school ages. This allows us to track growth year-by-year, and move players up the ladder accordingly.

This weekend, we’ll be seeing Grade 11, 9 & 8 Divisions competing for a Championship. As always, the Finals will be broadcasted live on Northpolehoops Youtube

Grade 11 Division Preview

Teams to beat: Waterloo Wolverines, WPA Suns, Simcoe United all come in with 10 wins.
Top 5 scorers: Austin Brown, WPA Suns (24.4ppg), Jakub Dobiech, Eastern Ontario Elite (22.1ppg), Jayden Brown, Simcoe United (20ppg), Joshua Fineman, S-Elite (17.7ppg), Magnus Carlos, Ignite Academy (17.3ppg)

Grade 9 Division Preview

Teams to beat: S-Elite, Dreamchaserzzz both come in with 10+ wins
Top 5 scorers: Gregory Simmons-Allen, Brothers Keeper (17.5ppg), David Ojo, GBU (17.3ppg), Phoenix Lincoln, Rise Basketball (16.2ppg), Nate Osborne, DreamChaserzzz (15.5ppg), Kaiden Holmes, S-Elite (15.3ppg)

Grade 8 Division Preview

Teams to beat: S-Elite (11-1, top 3 scorers in division)
Top 5 scorers: Ronen Atias, S-Elite (20.3ppg), David Kouadio, S-Elite (19.8ppg), Artur Illichov, S-Elite (18.2ppg),Julian Russell, 4th Quarter Training (17ppg), Nelijah Qeymani-Bernard, HQ Elite (15.8ppg)

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