Next Up Canada: New Mexico Commit Jovan Milicevic just wants to win

One of the most polished Prospects coming out of Canada, Jovan Milicevic has all the tools to make an instant impact at the Division 1 level. Great size for position as a 6’10 Forward. Has an extremely serviceable skillset with his ability to catch and shoot at a high level, or operate both as a scorer and playmaker out of the mid-post. Strong intangibles: work ethic, character, bball IQ, will to win.

Jovan’s produced at every level he’s played at. Prep, AAU, Canadian National Team. As we say at NPH, GameSpeaks. Hard to argue with production.

Going into New Mexico, fans can expect a player that works hard, and takes pride in the team he’s representing. With a lovable attitude and personality to match, I can see him being a fan favourite from day 1.

Q: Where are you from and when did you start hooping?

A: I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Started hooping in 3rd grade.

Q: What made you fall in love with the game?

A: My best friend Sakyul taught me how to play when I was young. I was very tall for my age and always had that competitiveness side of me which made me wanna win. When I played I had fun and fell in love.

Q: Which players do you try to model ur game after if any?

A: Jokic and Doncic

Q: whats something people might not know about you that they should (fun fact)

A: I like to make music

Q: What can fans at New Mexico expect from you this fall?

A: They gonna see a HOOLI, someone that gonna leave it all on the court and give it my all.

Q: What parts of your game are you trying to improve the most currently?

A: My rebounding and being more physical in the paint

Q: What are your freshman season goals?

A: I just wanna help the team win at a high level!

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