The Plug: Canadian Prospect Recruitment Updates

The Plug is your go-to spot to stay up to date with Canadian recruitment. Offers, interest and commitments on the top Canadian prospects from coast to coast. This month’s edition features record setters from the 2019 class.

Our list for the 2018-2019 season illustrates that there are 133 Canadian men at the D1 NCAA level. We are projecting 160 for next season as the seniors move on, and these soon to be freshmen come in.

It’s looking like another 50 or so prospects will be adding to the list. While many at the top of the 2019 class have committed, there are still several high quality NCAA and USports prospects on the board.

Below is a breakdown of D1 and USports commitments thus far, the best available and those headed the JUCO route.

At the top of the list are names like Marsei Caston (Windsor, Ontario) and Luke Howard (Abbotsford, British Columbia), both of which are due to make a serious impact at the next level in the NCAA.

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2019 D1 Commitments

Quincy Guerrier – Syracuse

Jahcobi Neath – Wake Forest

Emanuel Miller – Virginia Tech

Nick Onenda – Western Kentucky

Tyrese Samuel – Seton Hall

Emmnauel Kuac – New Mexico

Joel Brown – California

Sammy Hunter – Ole Miss

Ben Hendriks – Ball State

Jaden Bediako – Santa Clara

Miguel Tomley – Santa Clara

Liam McChessney – Utah State

Eric Beckett – Vermont


Jevonnie Scott – South Plains (JUCO)

Jonathan Rivera – Midland College (JUCO)

10 Best Available Canadians

Point Guard

Marsei Caston – VCU Arizona State heavy interest

Adefolarin “Fofo” Atedogu – Interest from Vanderbilt, Carleton, Ryerson

Austin Van Zyl

Thomasi Gilgeous-AlexanderOffered by South Carolina, Drake, New Mexico, Fresno State. Interest from Murray State, Tulane, Washington, Eastern Michigan

Shooting Guard

Tre Edwards – Weber State, Florida Atlantic, New Mexico, Arkansas State

Bahaide Haidara – Maine

Amir GholizadehOffered by Chicago State, Canisius

Jaden Campbell – Interest from


Luke HowardOffered by Drake and Marshall, Interest from Virginia Tech, Boston, Furman, Lipscomb, Belmont, South Dakota

Luis PachecoOffered by UTSA

USports Commits

Noah Lehto | 6’5 | SG | Edge School | Alberta | Grant MacEwan

Alex McGregor | 6’2 | Guard | Southwest Academy | Ontario | University of Toronto

Cal Hager | 6’5 | Guard | North Park Collegiate | Ontario | Western

Ethan Andrew | 6’2 | Guard | North Park Collegiate | Ontario | Waterloo

Sam Maillet | 6’5 | Guard | Bernice MacNaughton | New Brunswick Dalhousie

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