It Starts With You – 5 Tips to Overcome Challenges


Hello Canadian Girls Basketball Family,

In my month and a half with NPH, I’ve noticed a commonality in the challenges coaches, parents and athletes face throughout their development.

I’ve had to overcome more than a few of these myself, and here are a few things I learned along the way…

  1. As a student-athlete, you are fully responsible for your daily choices. No parent or coach can come into your life and change your habits for you. That’s on you. It reflects your self-discipline, which translates into leadership. Once you take accountability for the basics, greater responsibilities and opportunities will begin to emerge.
  1. You can be the right person with the right gifts and the right plan, but not be around the right people. Similar life views and shared belief systems are what make people intelligible to one another – keep friends who are goal oriented and driven.
  2. When you know better, you do better. Doing better means a consistent and disciplined routine that builds towards your dream – wake up on time, eat breakfast, pay attention in school, be coachable in practice, help around the house etc.
  1. Whatever you plug into feeds your motivation – your actions reflect your focus. The intangible parts of your character unavoidably seep through the cracks and show in your game. Build a hierarchy of value in your priorities, it’ll translate to your performance.
  2. Once you understand the commitment necessary to be elite, your goals may not revolve around basketball anymore. And that’s okay. But get in tune with what you want in life; your dreams speak to you every day, and some things resonate with you because they’re ingrained in who you are. 

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