NBA Prospect Joseph Chartouny Canadian Grad Transfer Seeking Optimal Situation

Joseph Chartouny has made public that he will be transferring from Fordham University with a Finance Degree and with one year of eligibility effective immediately. Shortly after the information became public his high school coaches, AAU coaches and any influences have been contacted by several high major programs.

Rightfully so, as Chartouny has been consistently one of the top Canadians in the NCAA since stepping onto the court for Fordham during the 2015-2016 season where he earned A10 Rookie of the Year. Today he is showing up on the radars of NBA scouts.

This point guard was the 5th overall prospect in the class in 2014 according to North Pole Hoops National player rankings and already considered a prospect suited for the highest levels of the NCAA.

His play over the last three years has attracted several schools in the Power 6 conferences (Pac 12, SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big 10, Big East), who will be looking to take on his services at PG for his final season in the NCAA.

After catching up with Chartouny, here’s what he had to say about his last collegiate hurrah.

“This final year, my goal is to improve my game for the NBA level and show that I can play at the highest levels, while making a tournament run. In order to prepare myself for the draft next year, it’s important that I prove myself against the top.”

He has excelled in the point guard role and has suitable size and strength for the position at 6’3 and 205 lbs. J. C discussed his most transferable traits as he looks to transition to a higher level in college basketball.

“First of all, my vision, and ability to pass the ball. I can read things before they happen, it’s always been a gift of mine. Also, with my new teammates I know that they will enjoy my competitiveness.

Defensively Chartouny led the NCAA with 3.3 steals per game and ended up fifth in total steals with 94 cookies, second in steal percentage (5.9). The steal percentage will be looked at as a plus when NBA analysts are projecting for the Draft.

“My IQ has a lot to do with those numbers, my anticipation.”

Chartouny has a strong resume that can take him to the pros from now or have him come back to college for a final year. His decision is geared toward coming back to college and playing in a big conference.

He’ll be taking calls and getting to know coaches and their plans for him over the next few weeks. He’s immediately eligible and immediately effective for a tournament run for whichever program is fortunate to get him.



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