CYBL Fourth Session Takes Place After Dazzling All-Star Event

With the excellent success of last years CYBL all-star game there is no surprise that this year’s was able to go above and beyond all expectations.

With Under Armour returning as head sponsors of the weekend’s festivities Thonlea Secondary School was transformed into an exquisite masterpiece of both entertainment and allure.

Check out the All Star mixtape put together by NPH’s video direction and video producer Mike Dotto at the bottom of the page.

But as we switch gears back into the season, with session four coming up this weekend, there are a few things still to be determined. We went to to get coupons on the player’s gears.

The seventh grade Elite division there is currently a three headed horse race for the number one spot.

With team breakdown south and NBA collective currently holding in a tie for the first place spot, CIA bounce is not far behind at 6-2.

Grade 8 MVP Adrian Uchidiuno (c/o 2023)

Breakdown south have a crafty player in Diego Ramos (c/o 2024) who had a good showing during all-star weekend with his court sense, size and mobility.

NBA collective have a gem of a guard in Josiah Sutton (c/o 2024), a threat to score at any given moment, and is an absolute treat to watch.

CIA Bounce’s Remil Tissington (c/o 2024) is a talented player who continues to improve on his game every session.

In the competitive division Northern Kings is a perfect 8-0, with Team Breakdown, Ottawa Elite (6-2) close behind and Waterloo Wolverines round out the top four teams (5-3).

YAAACE, CIA Bounce Appiah and CIA Bounce East are a top of the Elite division for the grade 8 division.

Kwabena Antwi (c/o 2023) is the floor general for YAAACE as this lead guard is great at controlling the pace, speed and velocity of the game. Antwi is a constant motor type player that makes winning plays.

CIA Bounce Appiah Torren Rowe (c/o 2023) is a consistent shooter from three with a lighting quick release, and good balance on his gather. Rowe can hit it from deep, and get hot in a hurry.

CIA Bounce (East) boasts none other then the lefty and All Star MVP Adrian Uchidiuno (c/o 2023). Think quick twitch muscle fibers meets good motor skills with a competitive edge – definitely a scary combo.

CIA Bounce (west) and YAAACE purple are tied for first in the competitive division, as both are a perfect 8-0.

Something will have to give this session.

Follow @Devon_NPH as NPH correspondent Devon Imrie will be live on location this weekend covering all the CYBL action at Hillfeild Stratham in Hamilton.

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