Ali Sow Takes Over Express Championship Game, Express Tournament Top Prospects

It has been well documented that the Ottawa native Ali Sow is a bucket getter. Against all levels of competition, whether on Canadian or American soil he just get the job done.

Last night’s performance at the St-Laurent Express Tournament Championship game was another one of those times. Sow pushed Ottawa Next Level to a first place finish in the Juvenile division. Its not just his stat line of 32 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists that makes him stick out.

Sow has this demeanour about him; calm, collected and never under pressure. A prospect who is ready to contribute in major ways to a university program.

He has Laurier, Nippissing and Ottawa U recruiting him right now, where he would be expected to come in and play serious minutes right away.

Although he carried the load Ali Sow got help from Paul Howard also got things going for Ottawa Next Level in the first half with 11 points and by game’s end Ottawa had five scorers in double figures.

Ali Al-Shaher had a big second half, netting four from outside and totaling for 16 points and 3 assists.

Sun Youth ended up settling and tried their luck with one-on-one possessions that got them in a funk they could not get out of. They did however, have a few prospects who showed promise and stood out in this tournament. You’ll learn about them below.

Ottawa Next Level - 13th Edition St-Laurent Express Tournament Champions
Ottawa Next Level – 13th Edition St-Laurent Express Tournament Champions

Lucien-Pagé Owned Cadet Level Championship

From start to finish Lucien-Pagé had a mean streak to them which they displayed defensively and for the entirety of the game against the Dragons.


2021 and 2023 prospects Emmanuel Bonsu and Steeven Beljour Dieaz had their way with this team. Bonsu at one point in the game went on a one man tear picking up 4 steals in a few minutes and converting on all of them.

Beljour Dieaz scored at will as well. For his age at 14 years old and with the feel he showed for the game, it was a sight to see.

Top Prospects at 13th Edition St-Laurent Express Tournament



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