Throwback – Young Andre De Grasse was a BALLER

Photo by Mark Blinch/ The Canadian Press
Photo by Mark Blinch/ The Canadian Press

Andre De Grasse has been proudly representing Canada at the Rio Olympics, taking home Bronze in the 100m and Silver in the 200m race, just slightly trailing behind Usain Bolt in both races.

But before lining up alongside the top sprinters in the world, the young Markham native had been impressing Canadians on the hardwood, taking home City TV’s Athlete of the Week for his exploits in basketball at Markham’s Milliken Mills back in December 2010.

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“You don’t have to be big to play basketball, but you do have to have a big heart,” is how De Grasse is described in the piece, and that heart is on full display to the world as he firmly positions himself as one of the greatest sprinters of all time.

The North Pole Hoops family was able to catch up with De Grasse on a trip down to California, where the sprinter hones his craft at USC, and works tirelessly to represent Canada at the highest level.

Check out the full video here, and be sure to follow De Grasse in all of his trials on and off the court.

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