National Preparatory Association Announces British Columbia Christian Academy as Seventh Member

North Pole Hoops is proud to announce the seventh member of the National Preparatory Association–British Columbia Christian Academy out of Port Coquitlam, B.C.


B.C Christian is lead by Head Coach Kimani Shotwell, a former player at the University of Alaska and four-year high school coach in Alaska at West Valley HS.

During his time at West Valley, Shotwell turned the program around from 5-23 to 17-8, including back-to-back 4th-place finishes in the entire state.


Shotwell has helped 10 student-athletes reach post-secondary situations including JUCO, NAIA, DI, DII and hopes to do the same in British Columbia.

“The opportunity to be closer to the border, where we can have a program that competes in both countries is really a dream of mine, for us to have an international schedule,” says Shotwell.

“Our program philosophy is a three-part ministry. We believe in athletic development, academic development, and spiritual development. With that, the purpose of our program is first of all to provide kids from British Columbia opportunity to play on an international scale, with the hopes of getting them to the post-secondary level.”

In addition to NPA league games, B.C Christian will play games from coast to coast, and in some of the most prestigious basketball tournaments America has to offer.

B.C Christian, just like New Brunswick’s Rothesay Netherwood and Toronto’s St Michael’s, is one of the top academic schools in their region, working out of a top-tier facility.

“We want to mimic an NCAA Div 1 program. From training to schedule, to facilities, we strive towards that level,” says Shotwell.

“We have a six-man coaching staff, all of them are former NCAA players, a former NBA player, and a specific strength and conditioning coach. So when we tell them something, they’re actually going through the same things we’ve already gone through.”

The program aims to cater to a full roster of B.C players in its future, but currently has an international feel.

B.C.C boasts some of the top talent from across the globe, including four B.C players and representation from Belarus, Poland, Nigeria, U.S.A, France, and Slovenia.

The team is poised to be the “United Nations” of the NPA.

B.C.C is as diverse as it is talented, and features some major prospects including Turkey’s 6’9 Kaan Tari, Belarus’ 6’9 Maksim Leichyk, Poland’s 6’6 Przemek Golic, and Bahamas’ Detarrio Thompson–all of which are national team members for their respective countries.

In addition, the program will feature John Maxmillion from the U.S.A and last but not least local talent in 6’8 Brenden O’Brien out of Surrey, plus 6’9 James Karnik of Vancouver–one of the top prospects in British Columbia.

B.C Christian will be the Westernmost program competing in the NPA, and will face some of the top talent from across the country–the program’s addition creates a true coast-to-coast presence in the National Preparatory Association.

B.C.C joins New Brunswick’s Rothesay Netherwood, Quebec’s Thetford AcademyToronto’s St Mike’s and TBA, Ottawa’s Topflight Academy and Sault Ste Marie’s The Tech Academy Titans.

Welcome to the league.

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