Rumours Arise that Demar Derozan Wants to Leave TO, Sign With Lakers


Within the last hour, Stephen A Smith released news stating that he believes Demar Derozan will pack his bags and head to the Lakers this offseason. 

Smith cites Demar’s roots, family, and love for Compton as his motivating factor.

Least we forget, Smith said the same about OKC superstar Kevin Durant and his apparent plans to head back to his hometown of Washington, DC. 

Durant denied the claims, then had a lot to say about Smith.

So it is safe to say that this report must be taken with a grain of salt.

The Lakers have also been rumoured that they are willing to throw the kitchen sink at the unrestricted free agent – the NBA max contract.

There are some Rap fans that are ready to say good riddance to Demar and his 19.1 PPG while chucking away at under 40% from the field. 

While others want him back, believing that his clutch performances vs the Pacers and the Heat (two game 5s, and a game 7 where he has averaged 32.4 PPG) shows that he comes up when it matters.

However you slice it, the Raptors will have a chance to close out the Heat when they meet up tonight at 8 PM.

Everything else will wait until the offseason.

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