Nik’s Notes: CYBL All-Stars Shine, Canadian Basketball’s Next Wave


Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School was the scene for the first ever CYBL all-star game, where the next wave of Canadian basketball talent was on full display.

The best players in the CYBL from the 2021 to the 2026 class competing in five competitive matches, with each contest having a two MVPS, one from each team.

There was a simple but taunting task for league commissioner Shane James when it came to picking these young, talented players.

“The All-Stars were picked by coaches consensus,” explained James.

“Each club was given one all-star spot.”

“Splitting the teams up and making sure that the games were still competitive was the hard part,” continues James.

“We wanted to make sure that club coaches were coaching their players, and that teammates weren’t on the same all-star team.”

The results turned out magnificent as all five games had a competitive, entertaining and overall fun feel to them.

Throughout the event, there were a few standouts to me.

Grade 8 Final: Grey 63 – White 61

CYBL Grade 8

Kyle Duke (2021 – PG/White MVP)

IMG_20160123_214953Standing at around six feet, Duke has great height but also size for his position.

Duke has a knack at getting to where he wants to on the floor at his own pace.

He is never rushed, and his smooth and silky approach to the game makes him quite enjoyable to watch.

His fluidity at his size, and speed is truly what makes him special, along with great court vision, and a tight handle.

As Duke continues to become more aggressive on both the offensive and defensive end, his stock will continue to shoot up.

Marcus Moore (2021 – PG/ Grey MVP)

IMG_20160123_215027Marcus Moore combines a mixture of being able to get to the rim, with a great shot from the outside.

Playing at the point, Moore has improved his handle and is now expanding his court vision with his newfound ability to get into the paint.

He has got a great touch on the ball, and can finish with relative ease around the rim and over bigger defenders.

As Moore continues to grow as a player, and start taking what the game gives him on the offensive end, he has a very bright future.

Grade 7 Final: Grey 78 – White 68

cybl grade 7

Dominic Gobuyan (2022 – F/Grey)


Dominic Gobuyan had himself a great showing in the grade 7 all star game.

Gobuyan finished with a game high 17 points, and was an absolute load in the paint and on the glass.

Using his strong frame, and good ball instincts, this young forward always seems to have a knack for his positioning and his ability to get to the ball.

With continued focus on expanding his skill set, Gobuyan’s aggressiveness will take him far.

Javiere Glasgow (2022 – G-F/White)

IMG_20160123_203850Glasgow is turning out to be among the upper echelon of talent in the 2022 class.

Glasgow has good mechanics and fluidity for a prospect at his size, both at his height and girth.

His physicality and good ball handling, make him a tough cover along with the fact that he is a tough competitor, with a two-way mentality.

As he continues to sharpen up his jump shooting ability, Glasgow has a very high ceiling.

Grade 6 CYBL All-Stars

cybl grade 6

Grade 5 CYBL All-Stars

CYBL grade 5

Grade 4 CYBL All-Stars

cybl grade 4

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