CNIT U13 Division Announced – Canadian Class of 2020!


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With a few moderately unfamiliar teams in the mix, the 13U division here at the CNIT will be a fun one to watch.

From newly formed teams, to well known powerhouses, this division has it all.

Feature Canadian Prospects (2020)

The following names provide a small preview of what to expect at CNIT:

  • Cashius Mcneilly (PG 6’0 | Canada Elite)
  • Oumar Idris (SF 6’2 | Shawn Karry)
  • Jaden Clayton (PG 5’5 | DC United Canada)
  • Jordan Persad (2015 5’8 PG | YAAACE)

U13 Team Previews

Canada Elite


Chris Skinner’s Canada Elite team brings all the intangibles to the table. Good guard play, strong inside presence, and, arguably, the best 8th-grader in the country, Cashius McNeilly.

Expect this team to be able to run, control the tempo of the game with the inside presence of Paris Shand, and the outside play and three point shooting of Khalid Long.

“We’re here to win it all, nothing less.”

DC United Canada

The Durham region is looking to make some noise in the CNIT Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.49.38 AMwith four teams covering the U15, U14, U13, and U12 divisions.

Look for this team to benefit from the CNIT experience, playing against an excess of new talent.


Motion Marksmen

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.40.28 PMA very consistent team, formerly known as Bayan, the Marksmen have done very well for themselves this season.

Defensively, watch for the Marksmen to pressure the ball and force turnovers. Danzel Faraon, Dameusho Borden, and Jan Andrada lead the way for this squad offensively throught solid man and ball movement.

Oakville Venom

This is an up and coming Oakville Venom group that is a very Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.38.43 AMyoung team, but is loaded with tons of talent. Believe that they will work hard on defense, using their quickness and athleticism to shut their opponents down. On offense, they will look to be aggressive but still rely heavily on team execution.

“The Oakville players ‘play as a team’ so their strength lies with each player contributing in their own special way making this group such an exciting team to watch”

Shawn Karry BasketballScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.58.43 PM

One of the more intriguing and undiscovered teams in the CNIT, Shawn Karry and head coach Joshua Lipsey are ready to make a statement. This is a team that loves to run and prides itself on competing as hard as they possibly can every minute that they are on the floor. Offensively, anticipate this team to play a very perimeter-oriented game that allows the players to efficiently feed off of one another.

“We expect to go into the CNIT and make a name for ourselves! We are a new team and want to put ourselves on the map in Canada.”


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.38.44 PMA lightning quick and fast team, WC2Play will be looking to compete with some of the best here at the CNIT.

Point guard Diontae Richardson has a great feel and handle for WC2Play and will be relied on to help his team. Couple him with Jaylin Patterson who mans the inside and there is a very athletic one-two punch.


Waterloo Wolverines

waterloo wolverines

Waterloo has had some hidden gems in the past, and we imagine nothing less from one of the hottest basketball spots in not only the province, but also the nation.

The CNIT will be a great place to evaluate and also critique the great athletes that are coming out of the tri-region.



One of the rising teams during their run on the CYBL circuit, coachlogo Rami Arabi and YAAACE are a super athletic and gritty team. With new additions such as Jordan Andal in the frontcourt expect YAAACE to be to match-up with their size. They also boast a good shooting and ball handing back court persisting of Jordan Persad and Jordan Carty.

“After playing a year up in the last CYBL circuit, we’re excited to come back into our own and compete at the CNIT!” 



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