Day 2 Recap, Sun Youth Invitational – Thetford Could Win it All

Schneiders Suffard

Schneiders Suffard

MONTREAL, QC–Schneiders Suffard has been well known in the Quebec basketball community for some time, but as of today he’ll be mister worldwide when his dunk from last night’s game spreads across the virtual globe.

He is in his final year at Vanier (CEGEP) and will look to make a decision for the next level by the end of this season.

From the NCAA he is getting a healthy amount of interest from schools such as Valparaiso, where his Vanier teammates¬†Tevonn Walker and Max Joseph are in their freshman year. Other schools include; Rice, New Mexico, Davidson and St. Mary’s.

From the CIS, Concordia, UQAM, Bishop’s, Ottawa, and Ryerson would be happy to have him on board.

In last night’s game against Team Force, Suffard imposed his will defensively in the first half and then scored all 15 of his points in the second half while Vanier picked up the win 68-64.

Schneiders Suffard free throw

Vanier is not just a one man show, they have multiple contributors in Keith Allen Jean, Abdul Rahman Kamane and others who can take them to a tournament championship at Sun Youth.

Vanier has started 2-0 and will finish first in their pool, they’ll face either a very powerful Thetford Prep or Ottawa Guardsmen in the next round.

William Tran Steps Up For Vaughan

First in the FHC Early Bird and now at the Sun Youth Invitational, 2017 forward, William Tran has been flaring up, connecting on corner threes and using his length to disrupt shots on defence.

As a transfer from Newmarket, he’ll have to sit out the regular season, but he has been taking advantage of his moments in tournament play. He’s getting hungrier for some burn and showing his teammates how fortunate they are to be eligible.

Tran is fundamentally sound, yet still makes mistakes because of inexperience against the level of competition that Vaughan plays against.

Keep tabs.

Thetford Could Win It All

Since seeing them two months ago in Thetford Mines, Quebec at their home tournament, this team has evolved in many ways.

Narcisse Kalamba is playing with intensity like we’ve never seen before, Luay Saida Abow is a play making machine and the roster goes on with guys that are going to put in work.

Coach Igor Rwigma has these guys playing with a high competitive nature that has intimidated teams in the past. Looking at it and considering strictly talent, there is no team here that can match up with Thetford.

Day three and four will tell just how good they are.

Day 3 Schedule

Saturday December 20th

Gm#8 09:00 BTB Prep Henri Bourassa
Gm#9 10:45 Vaughan Ottawa Guardsman
Gm#10 12:30 SunYouth Redemption
Gm#11 14:15 Ottawa Guardsman Thetford
Gm#12 16:00 Team Force Stanstead Select
Gm#13 17:45 1st C 1st D
Gm#14 19:30 2nd C 2nd D
Gm#15 21:15 1st A 1st B
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