Canadians in NBA Draft Combine


Andrew Wiggins did not attend the NBA draft combine, but still registered a 44″ Max Vertical – a result higher than anyone at the combine. Both Jahii Carson and Markel Brown recorded 43.5″, according to

Jordan Bachynski (Calgary, AB) measured in as the biggest overall prospect at the NBA Draft combine at 7’2 with shoes. He is also the #1 shot blocker coming out of the NCAA. We’ve said it time and time again, he’s a dark horse in the draft, that teams will be interested.

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In the Media

“College coach at : Not great year for bigs. If just based on workouts, top big is…Jordan Bachynski. Helluva rim protector.” – Reid Forgave , Fox Sports

“Few guys who did not help themselves at NBA Draft Combine: James Michael McAdoo, LaQuinton Ross, Khem Birch.” – Jeff Goodman, ESPN

“Continue to get positive reports from the NBA Combine regarding Melvin Ejim and DeAndre Kane. Especially Kane.” – Travis Hines, Aimes Tribune

“Tyler Ennis with a 36 inch max vert. Pretty good actually for all the knocks about his athleticism” – Chad Ford, ESPN

“Nik Stauskas doing himself some good here, the curious body fat % aside. Think he’s firmly in play at No. 8 for ” – Keith Langlois,


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Jordan Bachynski

Jordan Bachynski DPHeight without Shoes: 7’1.25″

Height with Shoes: 7’2″

Weight: 254

Wingspan: 7’4″

Reach: 9′ 0.5″

Body Fat: 7.5

Hand Length: 9.25

Hand Width: 10

Dwight Powell

Dwight Powell DPHeight without Shoes: 6’9.5″

Height with Shoes: 6’11”

Weight: 234

Wingspan: 7’0.5″

Reach: 8’9″

Body Fat: 6.2

Hand Length: 9

Hand Width: 9.25

Khem Birch

D69359_71Height without Shoes: 6’7.5″

Height with Shoes: 6’9.25″

Weight: 209

Wingspan: 7’1″

Reach: 8’11”

Body Fat: 6

Hand Length: 9

Hand Width: 8.5″

Melvin Ejim

Melvin Ejim dpMelvin Ejim dpHeight without Shoes: 6’5.25

Height with Shoes: 6’7

Weight: 219

Wingspan: 6’11.25″

Reach: 8’7.5″

Body Fat: 6.5

Hand Length: 8.75

Hand Width: 9.25

Nik Stauskas

Nik Stauskas DPHeight without Shoes: 6’5.25

Height with Shoes: 6’6.5″

Weight: 207

Wingspan: 6’7.75

Reach: 8’6″

Body Fat: 12.1

Hand Length: 8.5

Hand Width: 8.5

Tyler Ennis

Tyler Ennis DPHeight without Shoes: 6’1″

Height with Shoes: 6’2.5″

Weight: 182

Wingspan: 6’7.25

Reach: 8’2″

Body Fat: 6.2

Hand Length: 8.25

Hand Width: 8.75




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