Chris Egi, Montverde Move To National Championships at MSG

Chris Egi In The Post
Chris Egi In The Post

MIDDLE VILLAGE, NY–And  then there was one Canadian left in New York. Chris Egi and Montverde Academy move into the finals at Dick’s National High School tournament against a very confident Oak Hill.  At noon today, the two teams will tip off at Madison Square Garden.

Chris Egi finished with six points, five rebounds and 3 blocks in the win tonight over Huntington Prep. One of the three blocks coming in the clutch, in the final two minutes.

Coach Kevin Boyle of Montverde had this to say about Egi.

“Chris has really learned to compete. Our first scrimmage game he was 0-8 from the foul line, he was nervous being in the environment…He was really effective today, had 2 foul shots, followed up for a great put back and had that foul line.

“He just needs to play more and I think that when he gets to Harvard, he’ll do adjusting in the first year and then be starting. You know, Harvard is almost a lock to be first or second in the league for the next 4, 5, 6 years. Tommy has got it really going good right now.”

As he continues to develop his mid range shooting and rip and go moves, Egi will add to his high motor, defensive capabilities and athleticism.

Egi plays final high school game of his career in the Dicks National High school championship game against Oak Hill.

You can expect him to go all out, as he usually does.

Findlay Turnovers Hurt The Pilots

Another horrendous day for Findlay, unable to handle pressure from the diamond press ended them with 21 turnovers in their game against Oak Hill. Last night against Rainier Beach they had 17; more than doubling their opponents in turnovers for both games.

Justin Jackson opened up scoring for Findlay and Dillon Brooks followed with a steal and strong take that took him to the line. Kelly Oubre had typical night with 22 points and eight rebounds.

This purpose of this synopsis for the opening minutes of the semifinal game between Oak Hill and Findlay is to show what kind of impact the highest ranked Canadians in North Pole Hoops National Rankings have on some of the most powerful Prep teams in America.

At the same time it is to convey the message that some young Canadians that dream of the prep route, should wake up and understand that where their game is now would not get them a sniff of minutes on the big high school teams in the U.S.

At 6’7, Justin Jackson is just now getting the opportunity to run the point with Derryck Thornton Jr. out nursing an arm injury.

You have to be a “manimal,” and be able to handle the grind, the competition, the schedule and more. Because when you bump into a backcourt that has guards like Caleb and Cody Martin, you better be prepared.

Oak Hill’s full court pressure in the second half came on strong and they kept coming until the final buzzer. The length of the Martin brothers, Caleb and Cody did an excellent job trapping and getting in the passing lanes.

Poor adjustments from Findlay in the last three minutes did not give them a chance to win. Shelton Mitchell came in the game to knock down 13-14 from the free throw line and at no time did the Pilots make stronger efforts denying Mitchell on the inbound, knowing that he is an excellent free throw shooter.


Montaque Gill-Caesar played limited minutes compared to what he normally would have played if it wasn’t for foul trouble.

Teki finished with six points, two rebounds and four assists in 19 minutes. If he could turn back time, there is one three point shot that I’m sure he wishes he took instead of drive to the hoop for two.

Offense came to Huntington easier with Montaque on the floor. Having him as a perimeter threat throughout the game changes things and makes Huntington more dynamic.

We are set for a great game at Madison Square Garden with two deep teams. The game will be aired on ESPN, if you can’t watch it on TV follow along here.

Montverde VS Oak Hill for all the marbles, to claim the title, “Best High School Team in the country.”




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