North Pole Hoops In Alberta For Northern Exposure Camp November 2-3

It’s an early November ritual for North Pole Hoops to make it’s way to Calgary, Alberta to discover new Canadian talent and track the guys that are already in our database. Every year, Coach John Hegwood Sr. and the CYDC organization are gracious hosts to an exposure event that welcomes talent coming in from all over Alberta, and sometimes neighboring provinces. The province’s top prospect , Adonis Montfort-Palomino has left his home town after dominating on the high school scene and getting MVP at this event, for an opportunity in Ontario at Athlete Institute Academy.

While it is an exposure event, student-athletes will be leaving having gained much more than that. An academic seminar, as well as social media seminar will be incorporated into this year’s camp to equip each individual with knowledge on subjects pertaining to life off the court. Overall, these sessions will serve to develop character and keep student-athletes from making mistakes that will hurt their recruitment.

Awak Piom impressed at last year's Northern Exposure Camp
Awak Piom impressed at last year’s Northern Exposure Camp

The themes at camp are dignity, passion and respect. We believe that if you are trying to reach your goals, these are generally the characteristics to help you along the way.

It’s a very cyclical system. Scouting starts in preseason tournaments and exposure camps, transitioning smoothly into the high school season, club season and finally in the summer on the circuit. This past summer we were able to set focus on the West Coast’s prospects when we were in Las Vegas for the Fab 48 tournament and Las Vegas Live event; that was approximately three and a half months ago. The amount of progress an athlete can make in that time can be astonishing, in some cases.

You get what you put in.

With regards to skill development, physical development and mental maturity, that’s a lot to take on all at once. If goals had been set in the off season, then we can at least expect strides to have been made in the right direction. One player who was in Vegas, that we will be catching up with in November is Mathieu Kamba.

Mathieu Kamba is a 2014 prospect that has stood out in all environments, including last year’s CYDC Exposure Camp. He is currently receiving interest from the University of Denver, yet is aware of what he needs to work on to get that offer. His physical attributes and athleticism are part of the reason he will be able to produce in the NCAA level, or at a high level in the CIS.

The 2015 and 2016 Canadian class is impressive; in Alberta, Awak Piom is a headliner that we discovered last year, and look forward to see once again. Alberta is not just known for oil sands, as the upcoming talent will show. We are projecting a great influx in the amount of collegiate level prospects from Alberta within those years.

Coaches from the CIS  in the Canada West will benefit greatly from attending this type of event and getting acquainted with the province’s future stars. There’s a diamond in the rough in every province in Canada, it’s a matter of getting in the gyms and finding them. The Northern Exposure Camp is an ideal opportunity to recruit from a large pool of players in one spot.

Its also a great opportunity for NPH to learn about some of the province’s top prospects on the come up.

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