More Than A Game, There Are Lessons To Be Learned


All the flash, glory, business and politics involved in the game today, in some instances cover up what basketball is really about.

The lessons that are reflected from the court go far beyond a career in the sport, and are present in our everyday lives.

The time spent learning, training, and competing brings together vital positive characteristics that play an integral role in building fundamental concepts that guide us as humans. Every pebble and line on the ball shares an experience between the player and basketball; these experiences are what shape us as people, not just as athletes.

The innate passion that an athlete has towards their sport is what brings forth the determination to put in endless amounts of hours in the gym. This converts to all circumstances away from the sport because any type of success relies on a high level of commitment; whether in a job setting, family, education, etc.

Furthermore, characteristics such as leadership, teamwork, trust, and communication are all traits that are translated into life off the hardwood.

The basketball community around the world is growing so quickly as more and more parents, coaches, volunteers and athletes are embracing this form of art. It is critical that all students of the game have a great understanding of the team concept; this is the idea of working with a group to achieve something bigger than each individual within that group.

Moreover, the world has become so technologically advanced yet has regressed in so many other areas. For this reason, we must take the team concept and project it into life after basketball. Arguably, the greatest coach of all time, John Wooden defines team spirit as “A genuine consideration for others. An eagerness to sacrifice personal interests of glory for the welfare of others.”

Although Coach Wooden’s words are directed to basketball teams, one can easily relate their meaning to life outside of basketball.

Having this kind of mind set will evoke more qualities such as confidence, loyalty and integrity. All three qualities are directly linked to one another and provide greater opportunity for both individual and team progress.

There are so many distractions in society that can easily cause someone to stunt their own progress; however, confidence is the one thing that will help people stay on their path. Confidence goes beyond a pull up jumper or an aggressive take to the basket. Confidence is who you are and how you present yourself. If each person on a team can develop confidence within themselves then there is no doubt that there will be confidence in each other.

If you’re a player and you’re reading this, be sure to set realistic goals and have every intent in reaching them. The only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is yourselves. If you practice self-discipline it will show both on and off the floor.

Basketball, it truly is more than a game.


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