A message to the Ballers: Watch Your Tweet…keep it positive!

We would like to talk about something that up-and-coming high school stars didn’t have to worry about years ago: Twitter & Facebook.

Nearly every day, I see another basketball player is on Twitter. Almost every time I log on to Facebook now, I see another young player asking people to follow him on Twitter.

I believe Twitter and Facebook can help or hurt (if not destroy) your chances of being recruited by prep schools or colleges.

Remember, if you have Twitter, you must only tweet positive things, unless of course you don’t mind losing scholarship opportunities for the sake of a couple of tweets.

Coaches at all levels want to coach quality people, especially at higher levels, where big money is involved.

Schools want to recruit student-athletes that represent their school in a positive manner. If you’re Tweets make you sound immature and disrespectful, why would a coach want to use a scholarship on you?

If you are planning to start “Tweeting”, I recommend that you follow some of the top High School and College players in the US.

Myck Kabongo, Austin Rivers, Michael Gilchrist, Tristan Thompson, etc. all have Twitter, and none of them would be caught dead saying things that would embarass their families/friends, and school.

Remember…what may seem cool to a high school kid, probably isn’t that cool to a college coach. Now that I’m 32-years-old, I realize that a lot of the stuff I was proud of in high school, was nothing to brag about, and would not have impressed future employers or coaches – luckily though, we didn’t have Twitter when I was in high school.

Anyway, I’m sure you get my point. Keep it positive! If you want to be a college player/professional player, ask yourself: “Would Kobe tweet this?” or “Would Michael Jordan tweet this?” or “Would Dirk tweet this?”

Remember…you are marketing yourself! There are millions of talented basketball players out there.

You must strive to separate yourself from the rest.


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