U17 Women Semi-final


Winnipeg,MB–The most anticipated game of the week tipped off this evening as the U17 teams of Ontario and Quebec continued their rivalry to see who the best in the nation was. Although this was not the championship game it was definitely the two best provincial teams at this age group, regardless of the outcome.

This stacked Ontario team got off to a fiery hot start in the first quarter, led by Dakota Whyte who went 2/3 from three point land. This explosive young guard is able to help her team in so many ways; helping on rotations, picking up steals grabbing rebounds, and of course scoring.

Scoring was something that Quebec couldn’t do. They were outscored 31-9 in the first quarter and the second was no different as Ontario only allowed eight points. All those who were in the crowd were confused and waiting on Quebec to make a push and climb back, however the whole was too deep and Quebec continued to struggle. The Caron-Goudreau twins played out of character by forcing up low percentage shots. It seemed as if Quebec was trying to match the speed that Ontario used off a defensive rebound but this didn’t work out. The carolina blue and black shot 20% from the field and went 0/9 from outside.

It seemed as if this was a different team then the one that had dictated every other game against their competition. There was some kind of funk that wouldn’t wear off since the opening tip. Nothing seemed to be going their way. What hurt this team’s demeanour was also losing Marika Guarin who went down with a knee injury that looked pretty serious. Guarin was down for a little while and eventually taken out on a wheelchair .

There’s no doubt that Quebec will be coming back ready and hungry to play for bronze against an extremely undersized Nova Scotia; while Ontario advances to play for gold against BC.


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