Nova Scotia Opens Strong – 2011 Women’s National Championship



Winnipeg, MB–Day 1 of the National Women’s U15 and U17 Championship was an exciting day for fans who have travelled from every end of the country to be at this event. It started of with the home team, Manitoba taking the power house Nova Scotia into overtime where they would get defeated 81-75 for U17. The last game of the evening also featured the home team who added another loss to the name, this time for the 15U’s, coincidentally it was once again through the rath of Nova Scotia who is equipped with a deep team at both age groups.

In the home opener, NS had two key players foul out in the 3rd quarter, Jalynn Skeir and Allison Keough. Skeir was the leader who orchestrated the offense and contributed defensively with a few steals, whereas Keough was the one to help gain leads by hitting mid-range jumpers and grabbing boards. 

Manitoba had the same issue that many other teams had on day 1 and this was being able to take care of the ball down the stretch. Turnovers are what costed MB that game. A lack of focus for shaky nerves has been getting to many players and not allowing them to execute at a high rate. 

Aside from NS, there were two other teams that used hard nose defense in the full court and that was Quebec and Ontario. As a matter of fact, defense was the main chant that was heard today in the stands and during timeout. We have not had a chance to assess everyone yet but the following are some plsayers that will be making an impact throughout the championship.

Nova Scotia U17 – Allison Keough, Jalynn Skeir, Candace Smith, Ainsley MacIntyre

Nova Scotia U15 – Hannah Brown, Tyleigha Nelson, Desiree Oakley, Dannesha Provo, Holy Scott, Jayla Verney


Manitoba U17 – Lauren Anderson, Kerri Kuzzbyt, Emily Potter

Manitoba U15 – Emma Arnott, Susanna Namgung


Ontario U17 – Help from all anglesKiaNurseTeamOntario.jpg

Ontario U15 – Christina Buttenham, Cassidy Crowe, Hilary Hanaka, Kia Nurse


Quebec U17 – The entire team is capable of being a threat to opponent

Quebec U15 – Tamara Farquhar, Metcheline Gabelus, Nadege Pluviose, Mael Gilles


The other teams will be analyzed and assessed on day two and throughout the week. 


Monday, August 1st (Day 1)
15U Women
Nova Scotia 64 New Brunswick 43
Newfoundland 62 Saskatchewan 48
Ontario 68 Alberta 34
Quebec 74 British Columbia 70
Manitoba vs. Nova Scotia [late]

17U Women
Nova Scotia 81 Manitoba 75 [OT]
Newfoundland 78 New Brunswick 74
Ontario 103 Prince Edward Island 36
Alberta 66 Saskatchewan 64   
Quebec 66 Manitoba 44

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